Until You Know

God said:

All My love, all My words, all My Heavenletters are for you. They exist because of My adoration for you. For the sake of Our communion, I use the words thou and I. Of course, they are interchangeable, but that is another topic. Today I point to My words of love that are to stir your heart. Your heart is meant to be stirred. The swizzle stick is love. It is with love that I stir your heart.

Love Me. But of course love is not an instruction. But I point you to the arena of love, and I point to My own Vastness, so that you may come to know your own, at least have a suspicion of it, at least wonder about it, at least, for a moment, to get your thoughts off your small self and onto to something greater which, when all is said and done, is the greaterness of you.

I do not exact love as a city levies taxes. I do not force you, and I do not pander to you. I do not feel owed. I do not feel you are under obligation to love Me. Certainly, I do not need your love, for I am already saturated with love so bountiful that it became a universe. I laugh to think that you may think I require your love. I weep to think that you may think you don't have Mine.

But I do want your love. I do ask for it. Sometimes I beseech. I beseech your consideration of allowing Me to cross your mind and to cross your heart. I beseech that I occur to you. I beseech that you bless yourself with My love. I really do not ask that you worship Me.

I do ask that you open your heart to Me, that you allow your heart to open a bit, and a bit more, and more, until you are in as much love as I am, until you love so much and so well that you know you are undeniably love, until you see the light, until you see the light of love, until you see the light that even your physicalness is made of, until you are deep in a great surround of love with nothing else in sight, until love overtakes you and atomizes you, until the full extent of love overcomes you and you find yourself spinning in a spiral of love, until nothing else exists but love, and you become a Sun to the Earth and entwine and warm the Earth and its inhabitants with love so grand that it is Mine.

Worshipping Me is little. I ask for more than worship. Worship is too impersonal. Worship can really make Me seem faraway. No need to worship Me. There is need to know Me. There is need to love Me. There is your need to love Me. I put My heart out for you to love, so that you may know love, unindividuated love, love on a grand scale, love so personal and exquisite that it courses through you, that it turns you upside-down and inside out, until it is irreversible, until it is indelible, until you are so besotted with love that all else palls, until you begin to see Creation as I made it, until you begin to see yourself as I made you, until you become a believer in love and its power to do great things, greater even than you have imagined, until there is no greater love than yours anywhere in the universe, until you know nothing else but the love that fills your heart to brimming, until you know that you are the universe and that you carry love in your heart for the release and solace of the imagined world, until you know that your heart beats, and that Our hearts beat as One.