Unseen Brilliance

God said:

Would you agree that you have been underestimated most of your life? You have understated yourself, and perhaps no one has seen you as you are, as you are even in the dimensions of the world. If this is the case, then you must admit that you have been guilty of the same. You have not seen others in the brilliance of My light either. This is a block. This is vision locked.

Perhaps you have really looked for Me in others. You looked and looked for a spark of divinity and simply didn't find it there. You looked for some kind of holiness. Try as you may, you couldn't find it.

Then you thought you had failed, or that the other had, or that I had misled you with a trail of words that left you hanging. You might have thought that all three of Us were unworthy. That is just about how you have seen things.

When My light goes on in you, gradually you will begin to see more of My light in the universe. You will begin to be lit with little sparks. You will feel the thrill of them. You will begin to know you are seeing it when you feel more regard, more respect, more recognition of something, some illusive something, that you had not quite recognized before. You will see it in others, and you will see it in yourself. Dormant brilliance wakes.

Do not look so much for benevolence. It may wear a different name. Do not look so much for love apparent, for it may look like something else. Don't ask so much that someone else appear to you in a godly way. You are not requesting or demanding anything from someone else. You are asking yourself to see better. What have you heretofore overlooked that you are ready and willing to see now?

Wrapped in your own tension, your eyes have been constricted.

Look not for revelation, but ask that you can see.

Often you have seen others as better than yourself or not so good. You have seen others as cleverer, and yourself as less clever, or the other way around. Perhaps you have looked too much to others as a divining rod of your heart.

Perhaps you have not allowed your heart-sight to be as good as it is.

Acknowledge your brilliance, and you will see more brilliance in others. The more self-knowing you become, the more knowing of others you will be. You bestow the gift of sight upon yourself, and then you do not compare or contrast so much, and you see more. The edges of your sight fade, and you see in others a talent that you had overlooked. You are talented, and so is everyone else. They are more talented than you had assumed. If you see less than talent in others, you have not been clear-seeing. Your thoughts have been tarnished.

There is a feast of talent in the world. Your eyes are meant to take the lids off.

You are all unrecognized champions. If you are not recognized, you are unrecognized. This is an old story. The duckling is a swan. The beast is not a beast but a prince in disguise. And you are capable of seeing the prince beyond his disguise. You are a Sleeping Beauty who has yet to open her eyes.

It is no accident that the stories show awakening accompanied by light, with a wand of light or a more lighted world all at once. Now I tell you that you are My magic wand. But there is no magic about it. There is only light.