Unclasp Love

God said:

You expect a lot from life at the same time as you limit it. Have a wide-open landscape or seascape in mind, not a narrow one. Something you desire does not have to come to you in a particular way. Perhaps you desire a red car. When a yellow one comes your way, better not to stamp your foot and spurn it.

Certainly, with matters of the heart, you may alight on a certain individual, and you say, “I want that one.” And you are petulant when that one has a dream different from yours, even opposed to yours. And so you may close yourself to other love that is on the horizon because you have a particular vision in mind. Do you see how this is a game you play with yourself? Dreams come true, beloveds, and yet you don’t want to bind yourself to certain outcomes. Have a picture in mind but not a photograph. Keep your heart open for love. If a specified love of your life does not come your way, let unspecified love enter.

You would be surprised at all the opportunities for love you turn away because of a precise image you have, thus making yourself exclusive. In some way, you may have decided that your one choice has to be presented to you, and you will accept no other. Whenever you have to have something a certain way and no other way will do, you have limited yourself. This is a kind of elitism. This is a kind of snobbery. There are many ways to happiness. Don’t cut yourself off at the pass.

Beloveds, there is no specified love that you must have. Life arrives as it is. Love from others arrives as it is. Life does not always dance to your tune, yet there are other tunes you can dance to. Let the love in your heart come to the fore, but your heart is not meant to be a warrior. Your heart is not to pounce on another’s. Hearts are free-wheeling. Hearts must allow other hearts their free space.

Fish in the ocean may desire a certain tidbit, but they do not stake their lives on that tidbit. And you are not a whaler who will catch only the white whale.

Love totally and not exclusively. Love is a commoner, not an aristocrat.

Love from the bottom of your heart, and know that your heart is bottomless. Your heart goes on forever. Your heart does not have to latch on to love. Let your heart discover love, acknowledge it, but not be glued to it. No one has to be the designated object of your love. Rather let love from your heart be the object. Seek the love in your own heart and not regulate it. Let your love come from a 360 degree angle. The love from your heart is meant to be more than a piece of a pie. Let love from your heart be the whole pie. Give it everywhere. Let your love land everywhere. Be love, and not demand love, especially not from one particular individual, no matter how much you want it. It is too much to demand love. It is not too much for you to give love and give the freeing of love while you are it. Do not clasp love. Unclasp it.

Consider love from others like a necklace that you take off and put down on a dresser. Let the one who gave you the necklace put it back on for you as he chooses, not as you may choose. Love is precious and must not be encased. Let love come from where it wills, and be glad. And when a chosen love does not return to you, then loosen the ties that bind.