Two Sneak Thieves

God said:

My Children wonder:

“What is time supposed to be anyway, this haunting phantom that takes up so much space in Human Life? I believe it is said that time makes the world go around. Time certainly seems to. I have wondered more than once if all of the world is but a Merry-Go-Round, a spinning wheel of time that hovers over us mortals at our expense, somewhat as if a terrorist holds us tied and bound without release.

“How I would like to surpass time and get out from under it. Oh, to think to be without time pressure, no urgency, no lack of time even as I desire there to be no time at all while You, God, say time doesn’t exist anyway except as an illusion. Illusions are like theories that change, and time, which does not in Truth exist, can stop on a dime.

“Time that does not exist may be a nuisance. At the same time, most of us are not eager to skip life on Earth either.

“Nor is there space for time to exist but in illusion. Time and space are like two sneak-thieves that consume us nevertheless.”

Then God speaks:

Yes, Beloved, I say time and space occupy your beautiful mind again and again.

You have wondered about cleaning and dusting again and again. Of course, you do appreciate having a bed to sleep in and a soft pillow.

Time isn’t the truth. There is no foundation to time, and yet you hear a tick-tock and see sands that run through an egg-timer. All the while – while is yet another word for time – time is hurry-scurry, and, as best you can tell, to no avail.

Infinity, however, is no time at all, yet Infinity seems like it is Eternal when it is a non-moment of time, some kind of fill-in for life. In an active sense, life is also illusion. You wonder if life is a kind of Stand-up Comedian, and the joke is on you.

Certainly, you ponder a lot about specious time.

Look how in a lifetime, time is circulated and recirculated on holidays and birthdays. Even as there are sciences made of dates and days and months and years and millenniums – the sequence of your Life and your fortune told by it.

If the ground of Earth is not True, then you may cry out:

“Ahem, does this mean that flowers with beautiful colors and scents do not really exist?”

You cannot believe that such samples of Beauty do not truly exist. There are Essences of Flowers as well, after all. They do not change. It is easier for you to believe in flowers than to believe that you yourself or anyone else exist in the world really. You have full confidence in flowers. They smell so good.

You are aware that people you hardly know, when their bodies die, you miss them. How you miss them. How can you miss that which never was?

Do Souls go into the category of time and space? Surely, there is no such thing as Soul-less.

If there is no space, is nothing then solid under our feet or under or above the Stars?

At the same non-time, you know that something of you exists. You know surges of Love exist, and there are moments you are caught in awe of Love’s grasp.

You may feel sure that I exist. You may be certainly sure I exist no matter what.

You feel sure there is more to Life than empty emblems.

What a mix of Truth and fiction Life seems to be. Books are written about life and photos taken of it. Can it be that everything is Light actually?

If there is Light, does it mean that darkness also exists? Or is darkness a mere Word? Can any Word be only mere?