Travel First Class

God said:

So much sadness for My beloveds. Tears will out. Allergies. Sadness. Grief. Sense of loss. Be good to yourself. Spoil yourself every once in a while.

Remind yourself you are just a traveler passing through Life. Would you like to travel by ship, train, or plane?

Perhaps you answer, all in all, on a train. But maybe, for a long distance, you reconsider -- a boat would be better, but, no, too confining, too entertaining. Yes, you might take the train. You can take all conveyances as you will.

In Our Story, you can switch around. You can even imagine that you are simply taking a walk. In any case, you ponder. Yet Life does not always seem to be a stroll. No, Life in the World is more defined than that.

I would ask you to enjoy your journey through Life in the World. It's like you stand still, and life churns ahead and around you. I would be so happy for you to be happy. You are a rider. You don't get run over on the tracks. You do not drown at sea, nor are there any crashes. You can stay over here and over there, and you can wonder. You can wander as well. There are many kinds of terrain.

You are an explorer. You make discoveries along the way. Sand and snow and all are acceptable. Detours – no problem. You are not the train that chugs. You are a passenger who rides the rails or sails the seas or flies the skies. You do not direct the ride, the voyage, the flight. You are merely along for the ride. You go where your journey takes you.

You do your tour. That's it. You see the sights. Meanwhile, sit back. Enjoy.

I ask you not to trudge or clomp along. Enjoy the journey whatever the conveniences or inconveniences. Have the idea shining through that you travel first class. You are on an adventure, and you will have surprises. No matter what the surprises, you will come shining through.

Come to think of it, if you want to ride your bicycle, that's a fine mode of travel as well. You can ski. You can mountain-climb. You can ride a camel, go by dog-sled. There is nothing you cannot do.

Wherever you are in your travels, the sun sets, and the sun rises. Life is perennial.

Here is the great thing. Wherever you travel, whatever you travel through, I am with you. I meet you, greet you, and We travel arm in arm. This is how We do it. Together. We are never One without the Other. There is no other. We are One. All the imagined folk in the world, All are One.

All the knitted sweaters in the world, so many stitches, yet it is as if there is one sweater – one size fits all. Everyone may take a different journey, yet there is one traveler, and one journey. There is, as it were, one customer, and One Life at a time per customer.

Oneness goes beyond experience. There is travel, and there is that which is beyond travel. And there is no travel at all. There are no borders to cross. There are no passports to stamp. We are all the same, yet there is no precedent. There never were two alike and never any difference. There is One Wholeness, and We share it.

We can say that you are not travelers but sojourners, yet there is no time at all to travel or sojourn. Perhaps you are an observer all along. You don’t have to make something of it – the imagined travel, I mean.

Perhaps that which you call Life is a straight path and not so convoluted as you may think.

There is no baggage. We travel light. We are, in fact, Light traveling. We are a Light Show, the way stars shine on the waters of the Lebanon or on the Dead Sea. There is no difference in anything. Oneness is.

Yet, even so, as My Children, you experience differences of opinions. And you digress. And you set up smoke screens. You pretend indifference. You care, and you don't care. Regardless, you can't get off-track. You are destined to be here, even as there is no place to be. Simple Beingness, you are. So, be.