To What Do You Attribute Your Good Fortune?

God said:

Beloved, woes occur in life, and so does good fortune. Forsake woes, and focus on your blessings. There are more ways than one you can honestly look at life. You have the freedom to focus on what you see as misfortune. You also have good fortune to look in the eye. Everyone may seemingly be pursued at one time or another by tragic misfortune. Top-notch blessings also fall on everyone. Everyone on Earth has the choice of regrets his whole life long, yet why persist? Blessings fall where they may. Everyone is also blessed.

You are not obliged to cling to the tragic. You can remove any coat you are wearing and put on another. You certainly can remove the label attached to your present coat. There is no law that says you must cling to a past that you do not favor. Maintain your ability to smile. Truly, what is the point in pouting? There isn’t much now, is there?

If you carry scars, you don’t have to feature them. Not all that is considered tragedy has to stay wrapped so. You are under no obligation. As a matter of fact, you have an obligation to brighten up your surroundings. You do have an obligation to recall good cheer to you. Practice!

Sometimes, life cautions you to take a deep breath and rise above what seems to be before or after you. Brighten your perspective. Who told you that you are required to hang onto the seemingly hard portions of life?

I visit a simple man who is raising his three children by himself. Sometimes he has to take a deep breath in order to be the father he wants to be rather than the impatient father he feels like. He uplifts himself and therefore his children. He doesn’t have to stay in the impatient mood he finds himself in. He makes a deliberate decision to lead his life and not take himself so seriously. He no longer sees that it is his life at stake. He wants his children to know their father welcomes them. He lifts himself and therefore his children. He introduces them to his world that cannot be called self-centered. He acknowledges the opportunity he has been given to give. He outshines himself. Of course, he might rather take a nap or want to be uplifted rather than to uplift. Like the Little Prince who was lame, he finds the hero within himself. He stands up straight. He may not receive applause, yet he blesses his children.

Sure, his life could have been different from what it is. Nevertheless, he makes his life better for all.

He is a hero of Mine. Day by day, he is. He is heroic in that he pulls himself up, and therefore, raises his children with grace. Bravo, dear children’s father. By no means do you sacrifice your life. You honor your children’s lives and yours for the sake of all. You rise to the highest rung of the ladder with aplomb. You are someone to be remembered. Bravo, you take hold of life in all the right places. At the highest, you do.

I dub you Soldier of Good Fortune. You smooth the path for all to come. You restore your children. Oh, no, you are not a martyr. You are a father.

You discover resources within yourself. You take kindness by its shoulders so that you may be kind. All the circumstances of your life and your children's’ lives are not perfect, yet you are as good as you can be. What an example you set for your children. You give them goodness and mercy. Well-done, good friend. Well done!