To All that is Holy

God said:

Beloved, in terms of daily life, you are in the present. I wonder, does the present mean between one moment and another? That is: Where does the present exist?

It’s clear to Me there is no past that resides. There is no time after all. Time can only be transient. There is no way that Infinity and Eternity can be staggered in separate spaces. Wholeness is Wholeness.

Infinity is more than a pillow you sleep on. Yes, Infinity is a comfort, yet Infinity amounts to more than comfort. What is it about life that you want to get to the heart of things? What is it exactly about life that it wants to be absorbed? Or is it you who wants to know about life ceremoniously or definitively?

If life wants to be known, what is there about life that wants to know itself ceremoniously and definitively? What does it come down to? You do like to travel the by-ways. What does it actually mean that you know something anyway? What do you know? What does this mean that you know it anyway, really know it?

It’s a puzzle, and you like to exclaim loud and clear: “EUREKA!” You like the moment you see the light.

On one layer, there also seems to be the unknowable. You can get a feel for the unknowable and knowable, yet you can’t quite carry it over your shoulder or frame it on your wall.

Then what is the next soldier of understanding that stands before you that you will like to grasp? He arrives. What arrives seems to exist and wants to be consumed. In itself, desire to understand is like a craving to eat. You have this appetite. It does not seem to be fully appeasable. I address this realization like a soldier who comes before you and salutes you, perfectly dressed to the nines, and I mean the hunger may enjoy its appetite more than its satisfaction.

Beloved, you may be more wild to pursue the solving of a mystery more than you are to actually receive the answer to your question. The tantalization of the question stirs you perhaps more than the actual moment of receiving the sought-after answer. Of course, both appear before you. You may love being tantalized more than you love having the answer. You desire the answer, yet you may find you desire more being strung along. This might explain the power of Scheherazade and the Thousand and One Arabian Nights.

Well, look, life on Earth is made up of dreams anyway, the next one a more powerfully fashioned dream after another. After all, life is but a dream. Life is fueled by dreams. You are egged along by dreams, one after the other. Merrily, merrily, life is but a dream and you, beloved, a dreamer, who hovers lightly over Enlightenment, the whole shebang of the Awakening behind and before you, the Awakening underlying it all, the Realization before you all, the Source of All Knowledge as it wakes up to you, Beautiful.

Waking up is greater than your dream of it. O! the waking up to the reality that exists beyond the dream. O! the Enlightening that sweeps you off your feet as the One of One fly away to the Moon and the stars and all that is holy.

Holiness is all that is holy. You are all that is holy. You are not a Johnny-Come-Lately. You have always been right here with Me. We have eternally been at the peak together as One. We have eternally been on the same key, and, yes, a lot more surety of Oneness is right around the corner.