Time and Fear Are Partners

God said:

Hello, Beloved of My heart. Life isn’t intended to be somber. There is no need to take life so seriously. Where did this idea come from?

A day is just a day. A day isn’t a lifetime. Even when you have an acre to plow, an acre doesn’t take forever. Regardless, time isn’t real. Time is a player.

If there were not time, would there be fear? When there is fear, time is indeed a-wasting, and fear does not serve in any case.

Joy and happiness serve. Love of life serves. Fear isn’t in your best interest by a long shot. Fear is not worth the time of day.

Serve Me rather than fear. Serve peace. Serve glad tidings.

Bow not to fear. When time doesn’t exist in the first place, fear is a clear waste of time. Any way you cut it, fear is a fool’s errand.

Peace is real. Silence is true. When all is said and done, love takes the cake.

Fear is a panderer. Beloved, don’t take even a sip of fear. In truth, you can only land with Me, and with Me is where you want to be. Fear is woe-be-gone. With Me, fear doesn’t enter in. With Me, fear is a ragamuffin. With Me, fear has no admittance. Fear is a motor that doesn’t run.

Where I am, there is not even the concept of fear. Fear too often gets away with a mock-up of itself. Fear is a slip of the tongue. Give up on fear. Fear is a nonentity. Fear is naught but smoke.

Without time, you would never tremble. Fear is a joke you want to laugh at. Fear is an error.

Have second thoughts about fear. Fear seems like a menace, yet fear is truly a hypothesis.

Abandon fear. You don’t need it.

Fear can drive you to distraction. Fear makes you want to hide in a cupboard. Fear is a wild thing.

I tell you to give up fear when there is really nothing to give up. It isn’t possible to give up something that never did exist in the first place.

Fear is like an addiction, isn’t this true? Fear is an outright distraction. Steady be your heart. There is no bogeyman.

Get beyond the idea of practicing fear. You need no practice. You need no concept of fear. Who ever told you to stir up fear? Who ever told you to get skittery? Whoever convinced you to take fear at face value? Whoever locked you in a cage with a phantom tiger named fear? When is enough fear enough? Truly, there is enough bandying about with fear.

No longer chase fear. End mottled fear. Be done with it. Fear is not for you to run away from.

I tell you that fear is a rumor and nothing more. Fear has a great reputation, yet peace be praised.

Fear is but a trick you take at full value. It makes no sense to be fearful of letting go of a false image. Of course, put no false images before Me.

In truth, you are rosy-cheeked and safe. Nevertheless, you sold your heart out to danger. The world has been convinced of danger and therefore fear. Let’s come back to love. Behold the face of love. Believe in truth. Believe in Me. Believe in what I say, and believe in your Self. I believe in you. You are a bouquet of flowers I give to myself. When We hold hands, splendidness alone can befall. I give you the straight goods. We are One Presence embraced in love. Give love a chance to triumph over fear any day.