Thy Name Is Stillness

God said:

Beloved, I put My Arms around you to hold you in place. To you, sometimes, unboundedness is akin to flying around in outer space.

You kinda yearn for railings to hold onto, walls to touch, something for your feet to abut on. Even as you crave all the freedom in the world, you feel wobbly without a base to stand on. How you want to be unbound, and then how lost you feel in outer space and away from the illusion of security that being glued to Earth does hand to you. You are grateful and ungrateful at the same time.

Indeed, you do want everything, including opposites. You may want to depend on opposites. You want apples and oranges to be One. You want Peace above all, while you may also crave excitement. You really don’t want boundaries, yet you want something to hold onto or lean against or put your hand on. You don’t like the precision of measurements or the Vastness of the Immeasurable. You don’t want to stay still at the same time as you hesitate to go forward.

Unless you find footing, how do you know what forward is or what anything is or means?

You may want to escape to High Ground while you don’t yet know how to walk on water any more than you know how to walk on air. As it is, you are betwixt and between. You don’t want to be an ordinary mortal, yet you don’t want to be out of sight or a wild card either.

You wouldn’t mind reaching inner Earth, yet you don’t want to be out of sight of the beautiful blue sky. As it is, you’re not sure you want to exist in 5-D any more than you a want to exist in 3-D. You don’t know how many D’s for Dimensions there are, or if you want more choices at your discretion any more than you know you would rather keep flying or on land.

I do not tell you that you can’t have everything, for even the reachless exists within your reach.

It would seem that instead of surrounding yourself with Angels, you may surround yourself with question marks.

You might prefer closed doors with words painted on them so you could know for a fact what you are opening yourself to and know with some security that there is floor beyond the door.

On one hand, you strongly desire Freedom. On the other hand, you are afraid to free-fly. You were never one to be like the heroes in the movies who jump from one building’s roof to the other. You also aren’t a friend to boundaries, yet you do clutch to the supposed security of them.

In terms of the world, security does not exist. The Sun is out now, and the next minute there is an unexpected thunderclap, and the world turns itself upside down.

Thus were loud decibels and lightening tossed to the Earth. The Gods of Thunder arose holding hammers and landed on Earth along with you so you would cover your eyes and ears. What is fear but division? What is smooth sailing but the Union of Oneness?

Be One with Me, and let Me be your anchor that keeps you safe wherever you may be. Come with Me. Come to the Emerald Isles. Come to Love, and partake of Beauty and Peace.

The Gods of Peace are not showy, yet they also exist. A God of Peace reaches you in a still moment, and so I, a God of Peace, tell you also: “Be Still.” Beloveds. Hark the herald angels.