Throwing Stones

God said:

It is to your Self that you are beholden. You are not in debt to Me, My beloveds. You are My Crowning Glory, for I know what I see. I am not hesitant to declare it. If you tend to see that I owe you and am in debt to you, you see a figment of your own imagination.

Between Us, there is no debt. We have the Free Will to love. You may, and often do, see perceived absence of love. It is your abstention from love which you perpetuate upon Me. Do you understand this? You would rather have a neglectful God to throw stones at than to look at the sliver in your own eye.

There is a propensity in My children to accuse others for what ails them. You may tend to proclaim less than wonderful upon Me. How simplistic. Everything you protest is an aspect of you. This is the straight goods. This is how it is. You don’t like to hear this.

I talk of how We are One, will be One. We are One now. Even as your eyes are cast down, even as you may reject Me as God on Earth and God in Heaven, you make Me your fall guy. You see an aberration of your wounded self, and you call it by My Name.

It is like I am a package that has been sent to you. You look at the package from every angle, yet you won’t open it up. You make declarations upon this unopened package which is a special delivery of areas within your little self that require attention.

When you feel hostile, take another look. Hostility is your own affront. God has been neglectful? God disregards you? Who is disregarding Whom? You see Me as angry perhaps? Who is angry, I have to ask you? Who denies you? Why, you deny your very self. Dear ones, you pass the buck. You are good at this. You defray responsibility. You won’t look yourself in the eye. You obfuscate your beautiful Self and call it My doing. You refuse Me.

My best doing is Being, beloveds. And the same Being is your best. What is it you don’t want to see or acknowledge?

There is a story told about a fish in the Ocean. The fish cries out in panic: “Where is the water? I can’t find the water.”

A voice answers: “Why, you are swimming in it.”

God is everywhere and never absent. Perhaps you close your eyes and abstain from the Presence of God.

Where am I, dear Abstainers? I am right here within you and also outside you. You’ve heard it before: There is nowhere where I am not.

If you shake your fists at Me, you are missing the point. This is just the point I am making, that you are missing the point.

Understand that responsibility is not a burden. Responsibility is an understanding of your Greatness. It is your personal name on the guest card. It is not an admission of guilt. It is a statement of recognition of your Self and a recognition of your strength. You carry broad shoulders. You are not a fly-by-night. You are a Bright Light who can see far and wide and High, very High. You look up not down. You look straight ahead and not back. You face front.

No longer do you toss responsibility upon what you see as other than your Self. Whatever you toss lands on you. There is nothing but your Self to throw things at. There is no other. You are sovereign of your life and the life of everyone who is, in the last analysis, your own Self.

If there is a long desert to walk across in order to meet Me as I AM, the long desert is a mirage.