...There are no scripture references. Where in the Bible does it say...

(Note: Yolanda, whose series of questions appear below, is very religious in the traditional sense. These are just a few of the questions Yolanda asked to Gloria. She and Gloria corresponded over a two week period and became friends.)

In the margin of Heavenletters at the top, it says: "God Said:" There are no scripture references. Where in the Bible does it say those things? Where is the mention of the Holy Spirit which guides one in all truth? Also daily Bible reading is not encouraged. When someone tells me that they pray to God, I want to know if it the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob.

Is there anything in Heavenletters that is contrary to Scripture?
Is not God the Holy Spirit?
Is there not one God?

The Bible is not Heaven's focus. There are many other webs sites that encourage Bible reading. A subscriber who shares your faith in the Scriptures sent in the following:

"It's not hard to find scripture reference for Heaven letters. God speaks to me, and, I assume others, with what we understand of His word. He speaks to people different ways. The only thing that makes it God-breathed is if it is backed up by what His word says, not word verbatim, but in meaning and truth. He is not going to minister to us in our life with what we can't yet understand. Jesus spoke in riddles, and about real life experiences, so that the simple could understand."

Do you believe in the deity of the Christ. Do you worship Him?

I worship God, and I love Christ with all my heart.

I guess what I want to know is what you hope to gain for individuals by your website?

All I know is that I must share. I would not control what happens on the other end, and how could I anyway? I have to leave that to God.

Do you want your audience to just be content with what is here or do you want them to be able to truly experience something beyond this world?

For a few minutes a day, Heavenletters does raise our consciousness above the mundane world. Little by little, continued reading of Heavenletters reawakens our connection to God and all of humanity, boosts our belief in ourselves and our worth to God, and brings Earth closer to Heaven.

I appreciate your honesty. It is refreshing that you are not intimidated by my questions. Most people either avoid me or talk around without directly answering my questions. You know, I don't usually respond to things I read on the internet. I don't email people I don't know, unless it's to tell them to take me off their mailing list. I don't doubt that you are in communion with God. I believe that you do love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. This is the first commandment. The other is : "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Heavenletters are laced with this love. God said there is no other commandment greater than these.

Yolanda, that is probably the finest testimonial Heavenletters has ever received. Thank you.

It doesn’t matter that we see differently, does it? We share our love of God. What difference does it make what we make of things with our minds? In no way do I intend to detract you or anyone from their beliefs. I bless you for your faith.