The Whole Cake

God said:

Take a look at what’s going on with you. Don’t skirt your issues, Beloveds. Greet them! Be hail-fellow-well-met to yourself. Find out what you are about. “Getting to know you, get to know all about you.” Get to know the simple Truth about you. For sure, you are not what you have carelessly seen yourself as. Oh, yes, you bought the propaganda the world sells, and you stick to it. How loyal you have been to past thinking.

Pay it forward doesn’t mean to keep carrying all your baggage. You never were what you thought and went along with. Because once you didn’t know any better is no reason to stay the same.

Change is the name of the Game of Life on Earth. Let the Sun Rise and you rise with it, Dear Ones.

You own the Whole Theater, the whole stage. You are the Star, the One and Only. This doesn’t mean you are to be vain or selfish. This means you are alive. You are the Revealer, the Actor before the Camera. You are also the Director, the Cameraman, the whole show, all that there is, you, the Real You, that is.

We can say that Life in the World isn’t even half of it. The surface area covers a small range. See that top pavement? It’s not even half of it. The topping is only a small portion of Life. There is so much more than the eye can see. Of course, the surface looks you right in the eye.

The surface of Life may be compared to the Sirens in Ancient Greek Mythology who lured seamen away. The Sirens blocked seamen from seeing what was right in front of them. You have to see more before you can go over the Rainbow.

The Rainbow is really not far away. That’s another tale you bought.

You bought a slice of cake when the whole cake is available to you. You want to eat more than the frosting, don’t you? Often, the Frosting of Life tastes sour to you as you go through the hurdles. The hurdles too are just Life on the Screen interspersed with static here and there.

Take a Chance on Life. See further than your eyes do see. Know that you see Life from faraway when you yourself are Life and the Heart of Life, the Giver and Endower of All Life. Find the Magnificence of Life and Love right where they are within you. Here I am within you. Here is where I AM. And you are here with Me.

Unzip your Heart. Put your Heart right out into the Open. Let your Heart be the Lodestar that leads you to your Very Self.

I am the Wise Feller Who tells you to know Thy Self. Well, this is all there is to know. The Truth is that that you do know it all, yet you just skirmish around the edges, faking it that you don’t hold the Universe that sits right in your hand.

All Knowledge is deep within you. This is how you, each and every one of My children, have the ability to Godwrite or Godspeak. No one is left out of this Party. Everyone can reveal Me to himSelf. Rather, I reveal My Self to you.

This is a secret you have kept to yourself for a long time. Well, that’s okay, too. Just know that you are your Own Free Will. I gave you Free Will as well as I gave you All Knowledge. Feel good that you have been granted Free Will. It is yours to use.

Freely, fast or slow, you will enter the Palace and make yourself at Home in the Throne I have been saving for you.