The Value of Kindness

God said:

I am a God of mercy. Can you be less? If I Who have all power can be kind, cannot you also be kind? It is a little thing to be kind. It simply acknowledges the Humanness of Humankind.

First be kind to yourself, and then it will be simpler to be kind to another. Perhaps "kindness" is just another word for "understanding". Even when you don't really understand, you can still be understanding. You can know that there is something to be understood that you haven't yet.

Kindness is like wiping the brow of one who has fallen.

When a child has scraped his knee, you offer kindness. You know he did not scrape his knee on purpose. It was an accident that he slipped. For any kind of accident, you can be kind.

When one acts haphazardly as in anger, he has been blinded. And when you respond with less than kindness, you too have been blind. The blind strike out because they cannot see.

Do not let one who has fallen pull you down with him. Rise to your own level. Give him a hand up.

Is kindness generosity? Perhaps there is an element. But you are not generous when you give to your own children, are you? You are not generous to feed and clothe them and offer them love. The word "generous" has to do with genes. When you know that another is also you, or part of you, or given to you for your care, then you can more easily be generous and kind.

Your care is your response. You have your choices. You do not have to give measure for measure. That idea keeps you on a see-saw.

Try the art of kindness. Today, if someone is unkind to you, or rude, or unloving, give them extra kindness. They may need it more than you.

You who have so much can give to one who believes he has little. He may think he has little time or patience or self-worth. You need not buy into his picture of himself or his sketch of you.

Do you see the value of kindness? It is not denigrating yourself to rise above another's perception or mood. It is sensible. It is wise. Unless you respond differently, you only bat a ball back and forth. You are meant for more than ping-pong.

Be generous and kind to My other children who may not see as well as you. Unless you lift their hearts, what have you accomplished? Let go of the idea that another owes you. You owe it to yourself to be kind. Unless you give another kindness, you owe yourself an apology for giving less than is yours to give.

You need not always respond quickly. You can give pause. You can have a moment of empty space. You do not have to react. You can respond in a new way.

What if you are what I say you are? How would you then respond to another's turmoil?

The purpose of your being kind is not to make yourself bigger. It is to help someone else feel not so small.

Smallness comes from some contraction. It can only be that. Greatness comes from openness, and you are open to the heart of man, and you have a chance to raise another's heart.

Be a raiser of hearts. Be an angel who spreads his wings over all and not just some. Be an angel to someone who needs an angel to appear.

Bless-ed be you who blesses another.