The Sun Does Come Out

God said:

Beloved, gear yourself for more blessings to come. Don’t be hesitant or utterly cautious. Lots more goodness is on its way to you. Root for yourself. At the same time as you don’t demand from life, anticipate all good from it just the same. Don’t tiptoe around life. Count on it. At the same time as you don’t corner the market, you also aren’t overly lackadaisical about it. All good is on its way to you. You deserve. Don’t confiscate, however, nor are you to beat around the bush. Don’t covet life’s jewels. Don’t be desperate for a different kind of day. Be just right. I tell you, in all certain terms, that you are poised for all blessings. I, Myself, am getting impatient for you to be filled with happiness. You are being readied for happiness. You are not to be timid about it. You are deserving. Don’t be too modest for it. Don’t be out of your mind for it either. You don’t have to win every hand of poker. Accept that your life isn’t odd-man out.

It’s true that into each life a little rain will fall, yet it doesn’t rain every single day and night where you are. There are also sheltered paths to stand under. Babies do sleep through the night. Rain does stop. Rain isn’t all bad. In fact, rain has its good moments. Yes, rain leads you to higher places. Sun does come out, and you dry off.

Would you really like it if it never rained? What if you lived where it rained once in a hundred years? You would be doing rain dances. Yes, there is another side to every coin. You are not to be beside yourself. Be. Go along with life. Be Johnny-on-the-spot as it is.

Nor do you have to be a wise old owl. Take each day as it comes. Go ahead and get wet. Splash in the rain. It’s allowable to love rain. Collect rain for a sunny day.

Does life have to be a trial or on trial? Only if you say so. Why not every day a heyday? Indeed, why not for Heaven’s sake?

When are the good days? Right now! Get a move on sooner rather than later. Catch up with yourself. Declare today a holiday. Today will not return again. A time may come when you may well yearn for today. Today won’t come back. Soon or late, you have to let it go anyway. The same for snow. When it’s summer, for sure snow will not fall again. No day returns twice, nor do you return exactly the same twice. Time is spoken of as not existing and, certainly, not returning as it once was.

Now, start looking at life as the wonder it is. Plunk yourself down smack into today with no holds barred.

Mourn neither today nor tomorrow. Be done with mourning. There is no percentage in it. Life is always before you. What is called death is another life before you. Ever new is life. Jump in. This is your opportunity now. Tomorrow you have a different opportunity. Life always beckons you forward.

“This way,” says life. “Another day just like this will not occur again. This is how it is. This is fine and dandy. Whatever day it may be today, it is just right. Today has been waiting for you. Admit you have been looking for today. True, in for a dime, in for a dollar.”

What was life like before days were given names? How wonderful it must have been to identify days in different ways, just as money was once called tuppence or a mare’s worth. There were not always Moon Days or Sun Days.

There is more charm to life than you have taken into account. Life is grand. Do somersaults.

Say: “Thank You, God. God, bless this day, and so will I!”