The Spectrum of God's Light

God said:

You are not a stranger to Me, nor are you a stranger to yourself. Yet you keep discovering Me, and you keep discovering yourself. You keep finding new elements of yourself. They are not new but your rediscovery makes them seem new. You do not know of what you are made until you come across it, and then you are amazed at the wealth of wonder you are.

And are you not My wondrous creation? Are not My Human beings the most capacious of all? You are the spectrum of My light.

There is nothing you are not capable of. There is no bump in the road that you cannot leap over. There is no rock too great for you to pass through. There is no distance too far to go. There is nothing you cannot do. You contain everything. Everything is at your disposal. You are not limited to sixteen crayons. You have unlimited selection. You have all the colors that exist right at your fingertips. Let your hand grasp that which you cannot even yet see.

And let go of all obstacles. They are imaginary. Nothing keeps you from fulfillment. Only sometimes you do not know what fulfillment is or, rather, what to fulfill.

At the same time, you fulfill nothing. You are the one fulfilled. You are already fulfilled. You have yet to discover that.

The purpose of your life is not to eat the whole pie.

It may be to serve it. You may be the one who cuts the pie and gives out the slices. Who is fulfilled? The one who eats the pie or the one who serves it? And cannot the one who serves also taste and eat? But the mere tasting and eating are not enough, because there is an elemental wish to share God's gifts. You don't want it all for yourself alone after all.

When you find yourself slowed down with obstacles, know that that is because you have tried to hold on to something that is not yours to hold onto. "Perfection is Mine, sayeth the Lord."

Perfection is not yours in terms of worldly life. In terms of My realm, imperfection does not exist.

All your effort on perfection in the world is your stumbling block. Let go of it. Let life be. Let it sing the song it is singing. It will sing another soon enough.

You are learning to accept the perfect imperfectness of the world. You are learning to accept your perfectness amidst imperfection. When you know your perfectness, you will not seek perfection so much around you.

Delve into My heart the way you delve into a closet. Get in there and remove the extraneous you have blocked your way with. There is place for you in My heart. It is not crowded here. It is roomy here because everything fits into My heart. You fit here perfectly. Stretch out. Put your feet up. Light a candle in My heart and bespeak it. Read My book out loud.

Without you, My heart would be empty. But I am not without you. I am within you as you are within Me. Our hearts are like rungs of a ladder, one after the other, all interchanged. Your foot steps on the ladder of My heart, and I extend yours. You heart enters Mine, and it reaches everywhere. How much do the details of worldly life matter when you have the contents of My heart?

Paint has spattered, and you just don't mind so much. It spattered from the ladder of My heart. Where can it spatter to and what is the meaning of it and how much can it matter? You do not need to clean it up. Take another step, and spatter will have dispatched itself, for you will see differently from another height. Now I have brought you a step higher, and now you see from another vantage. Your seeing is coming closer to Mine.