The Soul That You Are

God said:

Anger is a great stumbling-block. It is from ignorance that anger accumulates. I am speaking of unleashed anger, fury, extreme displeasure. No matter how justified the anger may be, anger is not virtuous. I know you wish you didn’t have anger. You know you could solve whatever needs solving much better without anger, and yet you feel anger and cannot seem to contain it.

When you are irate, you fly off the handle. Honestly, dear friends, you are not in your right mind when you are fit to be tied. Anger erupts. Anger is not a good handler of life.

Of course, I understand, that when you are angry, you don’t know how to withstand it. It destroys your peace, and you are volatile. Anger has overtaken you.

When you are in a fit of anger, that’s all you can see and feel. You don’t want to be angry. You know anger isn’t a saving grace, and that the anger belongs to you and not to anyone else. Someone triggered something in you, and you cage yourself in anger.

Anger alerts you to something within you that you need to deal with. Within you. Deal with yourself first. In a state of anger, you are a too hot stove. Let your temperature lower before you confront the assumed cause of your anger. You have an issue, dear one.

Others have their issues, no doubt, yet it is your issue that is for you to attend to.

Your anger is from the past somewhere deep. It is not fair to spit out your anger on someone now. By and large, somewhere in your past, you were obscured. You were affronted, most likely before you knew the word affront. You were helpless then, and you feel helpless now. You were not taken into account. You may be absolutely correct. Yet, I tell you that your anger is out of bounds.

No matter how many occasions you have expressed anger, vented it, it’s still there ready to go off at any time.

Anger is not nothing. It is arson, beloveds. It is inflammatory.

For those of My Children who are ravaged by self-righteous anger, let me tell you now quite frankly what anger is. It is you frustrated. It is you frustrated from – what do you think really is the cause of your frustration? What is it that you want fulfilled and is not always fulfilled? Sometimes it is seldom fulfilled. What do you think it really is that makes you angry beyond distraction?

Dare I tell you? Perhaps you won’t like it.

Perhaps you will offer a smile and admit what I say is true. What is it you really want? What does all your sanctimonious anger amount to?

By and large, it amounts to your not getting your own way. This is what gets your dander up. This is the basis of much anger, and this is what leads to war.

Beneath this assault of not getting your way is the assault of not being heard, not being seen, not being recognized and not being given the entitlement you merit. You do not grasp your merit, and so you grasp at it from others. When you believe in your merit, anger will not rear its ugly head. Wrongs may still occur, yet wrongs will not ruin your day. You will no longer lose your head.

You do not believe in yourself just yet. You deserve to be loved and honored. You deserve to be recognized for the Reality that you are. You are My Child, and it is your right to be treated as the royal soul you are.

When you know your own value to God’s Kingdom, it won’t matter so much how others treat you or not treat you. If another skips over your magnificence, it won’t be such a big deal. Someone else’s lack will not shake the rafters of your house. What another says or does or doesn’t say or doesn’t do won’t be quite so important to you any longer. Why would it? You would know to the depths of your heart My regard, and also your own Knowingness. Now you will know how insignificant another’s perception is next to Mine.
Until you find your belief in yourself, you hold on tight to your vilifying anger. You really don’t have to have it.