The Seas of God

God said:

Good morning, beloveds. I am in thy presence. This is nothing new. If I am in your presence, then you are inalterably in Mine. We are close. We are so intimate. We are inseparable. It is nothing new that we are together. It has ever been so. This is yet to dawn on you. There is a day, not of reckoning, but of realization. It is all set. Everything is set.

A party has been readied for you. With great joy, I await for you to arrive. I wait for your awareness to arrive. This is cause for celebration. You already know that. All you have to do is to come, beloveds. Move your awareness over to Me.

Remove your awareness from the aches and sorrows of the world and see beyond. See a dimension older than time. It is new only to you. Drift past the daily intrigue into a land of blue seas. You have longed for it with the overt and invert depth of your heart. You have sought these waters for so long that you hardly dare believe they are really there, or, that they are amenable to you. They have eluded you. There have been those moments where you thought they were almost in sight, almost in reach. You reached out and could not reach. You despaired that these blue seas of Oneness were a mirage, or, if a true reflection, one denied to you. You feared that you haven't quite made the grade. Perhaps others are able to reach out and taste the waters, but not you. You perhaps thought you were not good enough, that there was some class discrimination going on, as if you were left waiting outside the gate without a pass in your hand, without an introduction, with no one to speak for you, no one to say, "Let this soul enter the Land of the Blue Seas." And so you feel dejected.

The whole congregation of angels vouches for you. Christ and Buddha and all the sages and saints extol you. I extol you. There is no segregation here. There is no elitist list here. The sign says, "All welcome." No exceptions made. You do not have to earn points to be here. This is where you belong. This is where you are welcomed. And yet you have to swim. You have to jump into the blue seas you so desire. It is for you to make your entrance. You are the only one keeping you out.

Beloveds, you can't just stick your toe in and test the waters. Leap like a fish, and know this is where you are meant to be. This is the home of your heart. This is your landing place. You are already here. You just haven't caught up to yourself as yet. You have been drifting on the waves of the yellow wheat on the shores and have pondered Heaven, as if you were deciding whether to venture here. Unaware of where you ultimately stand, you have debated with yourself.

You may have entered churches and laid your soul out bare. You may have read all the stories of Heaven and wished for it. You may have studied it. You may have procured maps charting the way, and yet you have not yet dared to set sail, for you have not yet dared to step off the pier. You could not quite let go of the wood under your feet, as if it were solid and the seas of God were not.

Come to Me now. There is no distance at all. I hold My hand out to you. Take it. Take it now, beloveds. I yearn for you to leave the anchored shores and your awareness to arrive.