The Ringing of God's Love

God said:

When the world does not uplift you, uplift yourself. You are uplifting yourself right now with Me. You are surrendering dominion over your thoughts. You put away your control for a while, and you give yourself over to Me. With Me, that makes sense, for I am always looking out for your well-being. The world — not always. Sometimes it wants to enslave you. But I, the inventor of free will, have ever set you free. You are always free to come into My Presence, and you are always free to leave and come back again and again. It is always open season with Me.

My love for you does not depend upon where you are at any one moment. My love is dependent upon nothing. You cannot affect My love one way or another. My love is constant, and you always have it no matter what. No matter what means no matter what. My love is easy.

There is no way possible that you can add to My love for you nor take away. You cannot add because My love is total. You cannot take away either, for My love is inviolate. The more you accept My love, the more there is for you to accept.

No matter how unaware of Me you may be, My love does not waver. How could it? I am not stingy with love. I am One Who loves. There is nothing else for Me to do but to love. You are dear to Me. There is no one who can possibly be undear to Me. Try as you may, you cannot disjoint My love. Hammer it, defy it, ignore it, stomp on it, disbelieve it, no matter, My love is extant. My love is invulnerable. I am your God whether you like it or not.

Of course, the truth is that you do want Me. The truth is you do have Me. Even if you turn away, there has to be Something you turn away from. If you challenge My existence, you challenge that which is. But your challenge makes no difference to My existence.

Someone might say, "God, if you are so laissez-faire, aren't You making it allowable for one to even murder another?"

Even murder has to be allowable, or free will would have been canceled.

One who slays another Human Being's body can only do so out of ignorance. If he knew what he was doing, he would not do it. If he understood that there was free will, he would not kill, for he would know that another has free will as much as he, and he would not interfere.

You may not like this idea, but both the murderer and the murdered are equally innocent, and both are equally dear to Me. Make no mistake, I do not favor murder. Not at all. But I do see it for the expression of hurt it is.

Do you really think that My love could be a hindrance and that even one who murders would be better off without it? Would punishment serve him better? Who needs My love more? Is there anything that works as well as My love, or even comes near it? Do you think My love is a bouquet to be tossed here and there, reserved only for those you approve of?

My love falls on all the same. I am not an elitist. I am God.

How easy the world would be if My love were more well-known! Make My love famous. Let My love ring from the hilltops so that everyone hears it like a clear bell, and turns toward the ringing of My love, and no one turns away.