The Oneness of Everything

God said:

The river you swim in is My heart. How can it be otherwise? Where can you possibly go that is away from Me. The shore you swim to — I am the Shore as well. And I am the Swimmer, and you also swim along with Me. We are the river and the run-off. There is nothing that exists outside of Us. Therefore, there is nothing foreign to Us.

It is very simple, the Heart of God, and all it created and recognizes, for you are the Recognizer. You look in the mirror, and you recognize yourself. Smile at your reflection. What gain is there in frowning?

Certainly, you appear in different forms. Just as you wear different clothing, you are clad in one form or another, and you call it yours. But you are far more than whatever form you appear in. You are actually Oneness alone appearing in different costumes. Let this be delightful.

Let not form overcome you. Anything other than Oneness that consumes you is a momentary aberration.

All colors of the rainbow are light. There is only One Light. Light, in all its variations, is nevertheless Light.

There is no place for Light to go to but Itself.

The river you swim in is Light. And you are the Light that swims in Itself.

I said: "Let there be Light." And there was Light. Then I added statements about other created things beings in My Light. Then I said, "Let Man be created in My Light. Let Him be an Image of My Light. This Image of My Light, like all Light, will radiate. This Light, called Human, will see Me everywhere. Man will image My Heart and Mind and encompass the whole of eternity. Man will know Who He Is and multiply the Holy Light. He will know that I Am and that He Is. Light will be. And Light will be seen. And Light will be known."

You imagine there are problems, but there are no problems. There is just less light seen. The word "problem" is attached to insufficient light shining. No wonder problems cannot be solved, for they are a fabrication. They emanate from too little visible light. They disappear when they are lighted.

Even cartoons show a light bulb flashing on in a man's mind.

Light may be encouraged or discouraged from outside. The expression is to let more light in, but the truth is that you let more light out, and then you are able to see it.

I fashioned you in My Light.

I gave you My Light. I did not give it to some and not to others. I gave to all. And I did not give more light to some and less to others. I did not pick and choose. We could say I chose Oneness of Light. That was My choice, yet I considered no other. You were and are My full-given choice. I chose you. I choose you now.

The word "choose" is inaccurate because there never was another consideration. What did I have to choose from? I could only choose My Heart. That is no choice at all. Of course, I choose Myself. Therefore, you are My chosen. I kiss your head, and I see that it is My own that receives My kiss. There is no one in the whole universe of creation but Me.

Oneness is hardly loneliness, for I enjoy your company. I like jogging along on earth with you on Our imagined journey. We are Everything Everywhere. And so it is.