The One Who Waits

God said:

Let it be that you have delight in Me. Let your thoughts of Me not be a threat to you. I hover over you, not as a cloud, but as the sun shining. And never fear that I will shine too brightly. Your eyes are ready for Mine.

That you have nothing to fear from Me doesn't go down easily with you. It is hard for it to sink in. I tell you that life is easy.

In politeness, you nod your head, and then you say: "Yes, God, but…"

You may consider that you are in My power. What you are really in is My love. I hold you in My love. I free you in My love. I do not toy with you. I do not test you. I love you. What you see as hardship is the ship of life itself.

Everything is easy is what I would tell you. "Yes, God, but…", you say. "What about its trials? It is fraught with error and downfalls and heartache."

Now I say to you, "Yes, but…"

That life is what you make of it sounds too pat for your taste. But that is the truth of it. That is the warp and the woof of it. All is what you say it is. And, yet, even in what you see as turmoil, even in what is decidedly turmoil, there is also glory. You have glimpsed the turmoil. You might as well glimpse the glory. Glory is always there, but you are the one who has to see it.

I tell you the glory of God is everywhere.

You fear you sail a rudderless ship, that you are solely at the mercy of the seas. Yes, but… I say, it is a friendly sea you sail on.

You are at the mercy of yourself. You are the decider of what you look at and how you see it. Even on the surface of life, there is more for you to see. Of course, you can plumb the depths as well.

The glory is in the moment. This moment of itself is gloriful. This moment. The Isness of this moment is to relish. You are in life on earth in order to relish this moment. Think of it. You are in untraveled territory. You are the first to step into it. This moment is irrevocably yours. This moment is a drop of dew, and you are the one to catch it. Savor it. Do not let it pass you by. Wrest from this moment all the joy it contains.

Are you not with Me in this moment? Whatever the colors of this moment, are you not with Me. Is that not for rejoicing right now, this moment with Me? Why wait for later? Why wait for an afterlife in order to know where you are? You can have Me now, AND you can have Me later.

There are no steps you have to take to find Me. I am everywhere. That does not mean only somewhere else. I am also here. I am also right now. I am not just dessert. I am the appetizer and the main meal. I am all of it. I am ever before you. You never finish with Me. I offer Myself to you right now. In the midst of whatever befalls, I AM.

Do not save Me for later. Do not enshrine Me. I am not a box of chocolates to save for a special occasion. The occasion is now. I am as available as available itself. Be you available as well. I am accessible in this very tick of the clock. Be you accessible as well. There is no need to put Me off. You do not need to curl your hair or change in any way before you open your eyes to Me. All you have to do is open them. Dare to.

It is not you who waits for Me to come before you. It is I Who waits for you to come before Me.