The New Heaven News January 23, 2010 So Begins a Year of Change

Dear Heavenreaders,

Although my office could be called Heaven Headquarters, the real Heaven Headquarters has to be Heaven, and the real Heaven Headquarter's news comes out every day, and that newsletter is called Heavenletters™!

Heaven News, on the other hand, is mostly our behind-the-scenes' news that the Heaven Team and I yearn to tell you about.

In this issue, the New Heaven News is going to be more like a letter written to you. Maybe we’ll have a new format every time. For sure, every issue I'm just going to have a good time putting the New Heaven News together and let it be whatever it wants to be.

In this issue, we have a beautiful true tale of family love and respect and amazing spirituality from a young woman in a country in Central Asia, northwest of China, that from 1920 to 1991, was a republic within the USSR. Evgenia is our very first subscriber from this country. Wait until you see the beauty of this land and its people.

In this issue, we give only one example of the amazing Heavenreader posts on the forum. There are hundreds of incredible comments. I am blown away.  You are invited to post. Please don't be shy. A comment from you just has to be whatever you would like to say, and thank you for letting us know you are here. I would never miss reading the comments under Heavenletters. The consciousness is supreme, and I learn so much. I learn so much from God's Heavenletters, and then I learn so much from the people who post under the day's Heavenletter. In this issue, we have a very human description of ego from Patrizia in Italy. I will never forget it.

In this issue, we also have a surprise comment that appeared on the Godwriting™ blog. Very welcome, indeed. Thank you, Wayne.

In this issue, we tell about the new MetaMystic Magazine that is posting Heavenletters and the editor's request for an internet interview. This all came about from the Steve Rother's interview show in Las Vegas. One thing does, indeed, lead to another. Thanks, C.J.

In this issue, I just have to follow my heart and include all the countries and states that new subscribers have recently come from. I am just so glad and grateful that international and U.S. subscribers are here. It is a wonderful thing to have new subscribers come. Of course, this list doesn't tell us how many new subscribers, simply the countries and states new subscribers are from.

In this issue, a new message from Santhan, Creative Director, Tech Angel, who is well-known as Heaven Admin, has made Heavenletters his own.

And there is lots more good news coming in future issues of the New Heaven News.

Tell us what you would like the New Heaven News to be and how it can serve you. Just click the Add Comment link at the end of the text here. A box will appear where you can type in what you want to say.

With love and blessings,

Gloria and the Spectacular Heaven Team

Welcome, Evgenia, first Heaven subscriber from Kazakhstan!

We have long been awaiting you, Evegena.

Evgenia is the one on the right!

Evegena wrote:

Firstly, i would like to thank you for the great job you are doing in the road of awakening. May Heavenletters reach the hearts of those who search.

I was born in May, 1980 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. My parents are truly unique people, who taught me precious lessons in life, and through many hard lessons, they taught me to love. i am a daughter of my parents  who believe that we all paint a beautiful masterpiece called Life.

I believe that we have reached a place, where humanity can survive only by accepting and recognizing that LIFE is a great CREATION, in which we are GOD making GOD. I believe that we are born to make a fairytale become alive. I am a person who is grateful to ALL THERE IS, for the unique experiences my life has given me so that I could experience all that I speak about

I traveled all over the world to understand that people truly have no difference in the way they love, they feel. I learnt that cultures, religions, traditions are there for us to become better people, better artists, better creators, and that we have unfortunately used these great tools as weapons against one another.

My biggest dream is to see how we awaken to LOVE. Realizing that love is Freedom, Love is a LAW and that we learn to be ourselves in it, making no compromises to who we are. I am ready to do whatever it takes to make a difference in people's lives, and assist the process of human awakening by sharing the knowledge which I was blessed with, for those whose hearts are opened.

I am so glad that you take interest in Kazakhstan, for it is truly an amazing country. There is so much to tell about Kazakhstan and its people!There are many traditional places, as well as places that only a few people are fortunate to discover.


My father made a sculpture collection called a Song to my Fatherland. When i asked him what inspired him, his answer was:

"All that which is beautifully Unknown, and that which only very few people see!"

Kazakhstan is a truly divine land of Skies as high as the highest domes, infinite steps, cruel and loving SUN,  and free spirit, like the eagle on our flag.

I do have just a few pictures of my Dad's sculptures, but he is preparing the rest of them for the photo session.

Kazakhstan is a country which one should not try to understand with the mind, but rather experience and feel. It is unlike any other place in the world! it took me a long time to appreciate all the greatness of these lands, so what I say here comes from my very heart.


Evgenia, as it happens, Heavenletters too have to be experienced and understood with the heart the same as your country. I imagine this is so for every country.

Heavenreader Defines Ego Perfectly

On January 17th, 2010 Patrizia from Italy posted on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum under Heavenletter 
I think we "love" our ego; it was our reality for a long time, the only dress we know. It was so useful to us. It has been our companion of Earth's life. It was so usefull to be here in time.

My little daughter played the part of a sweet pink pastel colour in the school's theatre. The children all together were a beautiful rainbow. I saw Benedetta among all other colours, not always recognizable in her pink costume.

But when she finished the performance, she removed her pink dress: and voilà, Benedetta was in front of me again.

So I have thought it is the same with our ego. It is not necessary.

It is enough we leave our pink dress there.

New Subscribers since last Heaven News - I can't resist

We love every country, every state, and every subscriber. We are so glad you are here.

33 International Countries

Argentina   Aruba  Australia   Austria Belgium Brazil Canada  Finland   Germany  Greece  Hong Kong  India  Indonesia  Ireland IsraelI  Italy  Kazakhstan  Mauritius Mexico Morocco Mozambique Netherlands New Zealand  Philippines  Peru Portugal  Romania Singapore  South Africa   Spain  Switzerland   Turkey  United Kingdom

[This listing of countries represents only the countries that new Heavensubscribers have recently come from!] 

30  United States

Alabama  Arizona  California Colorado  Connecticut Florida  Georgia   Hawaii   Illinois  Kansas  Kentucky Louisiana  Massachusetts  Michigan  Mississippi Nebraska  New Hampshire  New Jersey Nevada New York  North Carolina  Ohio  Oregon Pennsylvania  Rhode Island  South Dakota  Tennessee  Texas  Utah  Washington   Wisconsin

[Heavensubscribers already come from every state in the U.S.!

Nice Surprise

The comment below came in response to a blog entry entitled Lines from Recent Personal Godwriting

Gloria, love it, love it, love it. May I help you get these out as daily twitter "tweets"? thousands are tracking this way and another way for folks to subscribe. I do this for a living but will gift it to you if you wish it. just ask.
         Wayne Marshall,

Well, of course, we wish it. Many thanks, dear Wayne.

FREE HUGS and MetaMystic Magazine in Las Vegas

C.J. Carl, editor of the MetaMystic Magazine, Journal of all things Magical, Mystical & Metaphysical, posted this Heavenletter in his January issue:

Heavenletter #1041, God's Song, in which God says:

You are here to lead the world, not commiserate with it.

And then C.J. ended it with "by God." I was charmed by this. I had never seen anyone do that before. So simple. by God just the way we would say by John Smith.

C.J. also wants a Heavenletter interview  on his radio show February 17. That's a Wednesday. His show is on at 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. The MetaMystic Radio Show

I'll find out if you can call in. I love it when you call in.

Letter from Heaven Admin

Which is your favorite photo? Here you will find the first sets of photos from the Godwriting European Tour. Yes, its about time! Incidentally I was forced to remove a certain photo of someone nodding of to sleep in the passenger seat, while I was driving us through Mt. Blanc. I'm now accepting offers for this image, which I will email to the highest bidder. There are 100s more photographs of the workshops and the beautiful participants soon to be uploaded. Stay tuned for a notice about this on the forum.

On another note, we recently had a productive meeting about the Heavenletters website upgrade. There are many new features that were requested by the community, that will be added with the upgrade.The website exists to serve Heaven readers. The Heaven community are welcomed to participate in the upgrade process. There will be a forum dedicated to the upgrade, for sharing ideas and feedback on proposed changes.

Oceans of Love,

God Quote

Getting something done is not what matters. Having joy in the doing is what matters.
     Heavenletter #513  Remember Joy

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Gloria's Impact on the World

My heart smiles when I think of how your works have blessed so many in the world. I feel so much joy in knowing that God must be very pleased and proud of you. You are more than a light in the world, you are a lighthouse with a beacon that nothing can block. Thank you for YOU Gloria! Much love, from a grateful one. Barbara

Thank You!

Thank you so much for "grounding" me with letters from Heaven each and every day!

This comment was posted by

This comment was posted by Star Brooks. Since names don't seem to be added automatically here, please, everyone, add your names. -Jochen

Thank you, Gloria!

Beloved Gloria,
What a nice surprise to find myself featured in your heavenletters. i saw you did some research on Kazakhstan.

Many years ago when i was an exchange student in the US, i remember kids asking me, what i thought were very funny questions like: ” Do you have TV?” or “Do you have cars?” or “Is is like in Afganistan? Do you live in Yurtas?”

Today people know Kazakhstan for different reasons - OIL and GAS.

But i would love to tell you about a country, that is just like every other place is not about touristic attractions, it is not about places to visit, and how much it would cost. It is not about economy, politics…. What is it about than? It is about PEOPLE.

I travelled many countries to understand that every person is unique, but as humanity we are all alike. We all have different traditions, but we feel the same, because we all come from the same source. We think differently, but it is only because God created us in his multiple diversities so that we can play our earthly games. WE can never compare apples to pares, but i know one thingall people are beautiful when they love! All people are beautiful when they search of love in their lives. All people are beautiful.

For so many years America and Russia where in the cold war. All American continet knew about MIR Space Station; half of the population thought that it was their for massive distraction of the world, but how many people know that MIR in Russian means PEACE? How funny it is to be frightened of PEACE, isnt it?

I know there would come a day, when we look at eachother and laugh outloud all together at how silly we were to fight eachother for national reason, how silly we were trying to divide something that didnt belong to any of us in the first place. How silly we were creating borders and visa’s to pass through the borders. How frightened we were that someone could take our identity away. Oh, what a funny comedy our BELOVED CREATOR watched.
It is a comedy and a greates tragedy. FEAR that became a reason for war.

May we all take MIR = PEACE into a new year, for humanity is a rainbow of colours, and we always see the rainbow as a whole!

Thank you, Gloria, for your messages are true divinity! I hope that they will reach as many people as possible.

And i know that all of your subscribers help you in that!

With love and gratitude,