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The Meetings Heaven Admin and Gloria Have

It just occurred to us today to informally share with Heavenreaders what we talked about today.

We are working on a Vision and Mission Statement.. I find the process a wonderful tool for stimulating my own consciousness and seeing more clearly. Heaven Admin and I are a beautiful team because he has the big thinking, naturally broad, deep, clear-thinking expansive vision so necessary while I am a great sounding board. Maybe later this week, we'll have some statements to share with you and will ask for your feedback.

We also talked about getting down to business with reading Heavenletters out loud, so when you receive your Heavenletter in your Inbox, you have the option to press a button that will let you hear the day's Heavenletter being read out loud. Wait until you hear Heaven Admin read a Heavenletter! I will read Heavenletters out loud, too, something I really love to do, and later we'll have a way where you, if you like, can read a Heavenletter out loud that everyone can listen to, and, as soon as possible, make it possible for translators to read their translations out loud . I know some people who would rather listen with their ears than read with their eyes, and there may be Heavenreaders with vision difficulties who could really use this.

Luus has been translating Heavenletters into Dutch every day. Naturally, she would like her translations to go out every day as well. We would love this too, yet it is not such an easy matter. Once we have the website upgrade, this will automatically happen. Right now it's not automatic. There is someone who has access to the website, and I will ask him if he can take over sending the Dutch translations until the upgrade is in place. Luus, I want to be sure you know that sending translations out as they are ready is a priority for us as well. Each of us who reads Heavenletters every day gains more than reading them a few times a week. I'll write to ask this person if he will add Dutch translations to all his volunteering.

We also talked of some administrative details that we think may be helpful to readers of translations.

We're going to have another business-type meeting Friday.

Love you all,

Gloria and Heaven Admin