The Life of a Sailor is the Life for You, My Hearties!  

God said:

It is Life you are embarking on. New life is assured. Old life is over. Yesterday never was. Today is here, and this is everyone's New Day. Today is opening up itself to you right this minute and from now on.

Think of what a new day means. Every day you have a fresh start. You start afresh. Life is new today, and you are new. You have never had this day before. No reason for you to be blasé. If you want change, this is your day to allow change. Change is at your disposal. A Life of Change is before you. A Life of Chance is before you.

All it takes for change in your life to happen is for you to be open to change. Let go of prevention. Sit up. Off We go.

Today has something to tell you that no day has said to you before.

This is what a new day means, for no day is a rerun. Each day is unique. If you think otherwise, you are mistaken.

I cannot emphasize enough your openness to change. Change is not for you to censor.  Change is what it is. The change for you today does not have to meet with your approval. If you have to send today to you as registered mail, you forestall change. Preventing change is fear. Fear is a known. Change is as yet the Unknown. 

Be not afraid of change. You are a recipient. Be off to a good start. Look forward to today for a change. Step right up before the sun sets.

Naturally, you like some changes better than others. The more open to change you are, the more inviting the change that enters your Life will be.

It is very possible that you have been obtuse to change. Why? Because as much as you would welcome change, you want the assurance of control. You know, dear ones, you don't really want to be left to what you think of as your own devices. Sometimes your ideas run thin. Being shaken up, no matter how much you fear it, may be just the jolt your weary system requires. Have you been too tired for adventure?

There is no staying still. Staying still is abiding by boundaries. Unbind yourself. You have the freedom to dare to be. Being is not revolutionary. In your Life on Earth, you may well have been assuming more than Being. Being isn't radical. Being is taking a breath, and you realize, "Ah, yes."

It's possible you may have been running away from Boredom by hiding yourself rather than Being. You may well have been hiding from you. It is as if you have a fear of Being the Truth of Who You Really Are. You may well have run away from the Unity of Us, your very heart's desire.

You know, it is not bullets that you dodge. It is the Love of God and all the Love in Your Heart, as if that would be an unheard of discovery, as if you were not made for this very moment that you put on hold without even looking at it. You may be on Automatic when it comes to Running Away from Life.

You may think that the Life of a Sailor is not for you. For whom is life if not for you? A sailor sails on the seas. He has his sea legs. A sailor does not sail in a marsh when his or her destiny is on the High Seas.

The High Seas are clearly not dry land. The High Seas are buoyant. On the High Seas, you cannot be certain what you will find. If you want discovery, the High Seas are for you.

You can't hide on the High Seas. You cannot pretend that you are not a seaman. You cannot stay smoking your pipe by the fireplace in the house where you were born and be a seaman. You were born to Adventure which means you were born for new Horizons.

No one said that life – your Life – is to stay the same as it always was -- or as your Life seemed on the surface, that is.  The Life of a Sailor is the Life for You, My Hearties.