The Highest Fruit on the Tree

God said:

Think of all you want to occur. No longer think in terms of what has not yet occurred, as when you see yourself as forlorn and abandoned. What a difference your angle of approach makes. What a difference the door whose knob you turn makes in your life. By all means, enter the Gate of Opportunity. Don't pay any attention to that shadowy door of defeat.

When you see two entrances, choose the one that offers what you want. Don't think of burying your dreams – absolutely not. Open wide all your dreams. Whatever it is you dream of, know that it lies within your reach. Reach for it.

At the same time, be open to even more treasures than you know how to ask for. Desire to receive. Desire to be open to your desires. Your desires come from somewhere. You don't have to know where. Acknowledge that I created you capable of reaching the Highest Fruit on the Tree.

Mind you, this doesn't mean that you are owed all you desire. Deserving and being owed are not the same. You are not being mistreated or underserved by not receiving every desire you hold in the palm of your hand. Remember, there is always more out there waiting for you.

Possibly you have been thinking that the world conspires against you. Earth Life is not out to get you, entrap you, flail you, or deceive you. Earth Life is looking out for you. Tremendous opportunity awaits you. More keys on the piano are playing for you, cheering you on, and embracing you far more than you dare believe. The world amazingly makes connections for you.

Subtle are the preparations the world creates in order to unfold your Life auspiciously. Earth Life would love to inspire you. The world desires to make connections in your favor. The world is a networker. Fulfillment of your desires requires your being open. It makes a difference in your Life when you look forward and when you are taken aback.

If you asked Me for one simple direction to give to you right now, the direction I would give you is this:

Stay open. Open, open, open. This means to not close out. This means to say Yes before you dare to say No. You may not know what you are saying No to.

Don't close doors.

Most doors don't close by themselves. You may well have a tendency to kick doors closed. Your first reaction may be to say No. You do often say No too fast. From now on, let your first reaction be a resounding Yes. Yes opens. No closes.

I do not tell you to be reckless. I say to give yourself a chance before you say No.

Many of My children have their finger ready on the buzzer that says No.

When you say No right off the bat, you are saying:

"Life is chancy. Chance, stay away from me. Let me stay as I am. Let me be secure in staying how I am and have always been on a little island of myself. You won't catch me opening up to possible trouble in life. I mean to protect myself from being hurt or disappointed, and so I say No almost automatically across the board. Let nothing take me away from the island and this shaded palm tree I sit under."

Be someone who moves forward in life. Don't relinquish your birthright. The Key to Giving is the same as the Key to Receiving, and that is Openness. Open your receptivity. Expect ships and seas to deliver what you ask for. You don't have to be shy or polite and not ask. Let your heart be free to ask for what it wants and allow what you want to arrive. And if what you ask for does not arrive as soon as you would like, allow that too. You do not have to limit Life as this or that.