The Heart of Your Heart

God said:

I heap blessing upon blessing upon you. I cover you with blessings. Blessings before you and blessings after you. Blessings on the right and blessings on the left. What else is there for Me to do? The world was created as My blessing. Now I continue to pour blessings. I continue to pour the blessing of love into your heart of gold. I keep pouring Myself into your heart. I will have My way. I will have your awareness of My love.

Who do you think makes your heart beat? All hearts beat with Mine. Your heart pumps love. Your heart is a well of love. If you only but knew how much love your heart contains. Certainly it is more than you fathom. Whatever you fathom, the love in your heart is ten thousands times more.

The love in your heart is infinite. It is more powerful than the greatest wave of the ocean. It is more powerful than the course of the Sun, the flight of the Moon. Your heart is a Sun that radiates My light.

That the love in your heart is hampered, I am well aware. You have been stingy with My love. You have left it in the refrigerator like a carton of eggs. Of course, the love in your heart doesn't have a due date. No matter how long it has been, it is always there ready to be used. You may think you haven't had enough call for it. Beloveds, I am calling for your love. I am calling for My love in your heart to be released.

It is hard to believe that you would restrain the love in your heart, but you have restrained it very well, for a number of reasons that matter not at all. I already gave you all the love in the world. That My heart within yours was not recognized was unfortunate, but not germane. Appreciated or not, there is love in your heart. Practiced or not, there is love in your heart. And that love is ready to burst its bounds. It was always ready. Only you were not. You thought opening your heart was a big investment, and you had to calculate the odds. Of course, you have misunderstood the function of your heart.

Your heart yearns to give itself everywhere always. You think you have to wait for something before your heart can open wide. You think it might not be safe to unbridle your heart. Safety is a concept of the mind. You are afraid your heart will be injured, and so you hold it back. The injury to your heart is the withholding of it.

Consider your heart your child. You would not confine your child to one small room. You would let your child explore other rooms and the whole house and as much of the world as possible. So let your heart explore. Let your heart explore its own depths. There is no end to the depths of your heart. And there is no end to the heighths it can reach. There is no distance when it comes to the heart.

Only sometimes you let the physical interfere. You still think that bodies get in the way of your love. Your heart of love can transcend all the density. Your heart can go anywhere at all. It can go as far as you let it.

Unloose the ropes that have tightened your heart. Let your heart free. I am the Heart of your heart. Let My Heart go.