The God Sense

God said:

Music can so inspire, and lyrics can inspire. There is definitely something about music that inspires. You hum old tunes, tunes and words you didn't even know you knew. What would the world be without music? You can't even dare think of what it would be like in the world without music, even when music isn't especially your thing the way it seems to be with so many.

Certainly, music has to be about more than sound. Not all sound is music.

You long to fulfill all the senses. Fortunate are you when hearing, seeing, taste, smell and touch are there for you and all around you. You crave all of the senses. Babies of all kinds cannot live without being touched, let alone thrive.

The five senses nourish you. You realize that you are starved for the five senses. They are a need. You must have them. They provide you balance in a world that often seems unbalanced to you. The senses give you your bearings.

It is no small thing to inherit the world. The senses gather you together. The senses are like peepholes connecting you to the world you are in for purpose and not happenstance.

Of course, quite rightly, there are bigger senses than the common yet spectacular five. There is the sixth sense. There are more, including a God Sense. If all the other senses were gone from you, you would still have the God Sense.

The God Sense is reflected in this way: "All is right with the world." Even a sigh may express this. You have had Days of Glory.

This God Sense could be called Love, yet it is well-known and experienced – even if not always -- that God has more of a reputation for permanency in the world than the Love Sense has. I am aware that the God Sense has also been tarnished as seen by some, yet, here I am, always here with you and for you.

Even for those who deny Me, you find you have to deny Me royally, so to speak. Even so, you are utterly unable to erase Me. If you were able to erase Me from your awareness, why would you feel it necessary to make a hullabaloo about Me?

Relish the five senses and relish the less well-known and higher senses as well. You are not an ordinary mortal, you do understand this. No one is an ordinary mortal. You are a soul who arises from many galaxies, and you travel to Earth in order to heighten Earth's place and to discover yourself. You are a mysterious Visitor to Earth with tasks to perform and to excel in.

You are here for a reason. You may forget the reason, yet you will remember. Even if you don't consciously remember, you will serve. This is built into you.

Even as time does not exist, there are signals that are timed to go off within you. The signals say: "Now!"

There can be rough wake-up calls. There can also be sweet melodies that run through you, and you call out: "Eureka!" Or there may be a bell that rings, and you don't even seem to notice. Nevertheless, the bell rings, and on some deep level, you hear the bell and hear it well.

There are whole worlds going on within you. Your mind is simply boggled. You blithely don't see or can't see all at present. Nevertheless, something great is going on. One day you will see or, if not see, simply recognize in awe.

You will confess that you have grown. You don’t have to see your growth happening for it to have happened. Your awareness at the time is not a necessity. It's nice, yet not essential. Your participation is guaranteed. You may not have a clue as to who you are, yet you are Who I say you are whatever you may think.