The Glorious Moment of Godwriting

God said:

Beloved, the Godwriting that will write itself today is as yet unknown to you. At the moment today’s Godwriting starts to be written down, this is when My heart begins to become a revelation flowing from your hand. Godwriting is a spur of the moment occasion. It may well be your desire, yet it is not your decision. There will come to be a specific moment when you walk in with Me as One.

Godwriting is truly a gift from God. Beloved, what is not a gift from God? Good grief, what is not a gift from God?

There are occasions when you foresee something that you may think is ripe for Godwriting, you do. You feel its urgings. You may find that the actual topic appears differently from what you had anticipated. Beloved, consider Godwriting like fishing. There is a specific moment when the fish bites.

Beloved, you write down for Me so you don’t have to try to keep remembering. Godwriting until it is written isn't known. It doesn't lock itself down. On the pre-levels of thought, My Words begin to arise. Godwriting is not of intellect nor logic nor precognition. You can’t lock down Godwriting ahead of time.

A Heavenletter is borne of itself, the same way you cannot ordain when you will fall in love at a dance you go to. Your little self cannot ordain the content of a Godwriting. You do not birth the Godwriting. You witness its birth. You write it down.

Godwriting may bear a similarity to music a composer seeks to compose – something beautiful along a certain vein, yet, the music unfolds as it does when it does. You may find a different music.

Godwriting is not a known sequence. My words are unknown until they create themselves as if from head to toe.

Godwriting creates itself at My behest. Oneness reveals itself. You do not manufacture Oneness, nor do you manufacture Godwriting. My given messages write themselves. When Godwriting writes, God delivers it to you. Godwriting bursts from you – not at your will but at Mine.

In the world, every morning and evening, you relish the sunrise and sunset to their fullest. You love to observe them, let Me say, not by exerting force but rather from My desire as I reveal My Godwriting to you.

Godwriting lands in your lap, sometimes deeply propelled, sometimes almost by surprise, desired yet not at your command. Yes, you are right here willing to hear what I wish you to hear.

When a young child first learns to read in elementary school, there comes a glorious moment when the light bulb goes on. The glorious moment. There is no learning really. The new reader suddenly is self-propelled. There is a moment when reading is simply water falling off a log.

In the same way, you can’t make yourself fall in love at a dance no matter how much you want to. Falling in love isn’t an order you fulfill. Love comes as it comes. In the same way, there is a magic moment when you catch on to riding a two-wheeler. You don’t whip bike-riding into shape. You are simply sailing along perfectly balanced on your bike.

A moment arrives. There is nothing to it. Fulfillment bursts through. You are made for Heaven now just as you always have been. You find out that you are a Beautiful Soul and always have been greater than you dreamed yourself to be right along. I always knew.

Hallowed are you as I hold you lightly in My arms. Here you are. You are My One Love complete right here and now. This is how My Will is done, Beloved.