The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze

God said:

Beloved, vast is the Universe. Vast is the Universe even as it exists spread out all over the surface. The world is, at the very least, a handful! It could be said that there is too much ado about nothing. Certainly life seems to be momentous, and there is too little of this non-existent time in which to do it. You tend to feel suspended in this non-existent time and space. Inasmuch as the concept of time is illusion as well as illusive, remind yourself to breathe deeply. Satisfy your lungs and all that is physical. Life exceeds the physical by the metaphysical, spiritual, ethereal or what is resolutely called Truth.

You may feel you are betwixt and between and, sometimes that you are out of your depth. You wonder how much more you can cope with. You may feel you are The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze! Good grief, how did you ever get here, and how do you ever get off?

This seems to be your quandary. A fast pace you have to keep with, or you don’t know what will happen. Your space needs a dusting off or a deep cleaning and upkeep as well – or the roof will fall in.

The people who live under the stars and under the trees seem fortunate. They don’t have to be at the office at a certain time nor wear starched shirts.

Good grief, indeed, your life choices have to be greater than these. Surely, you are meant for greener fields. It must be you are, but what? But what? Surely you are for more than going sideways or up and down a hill day by day. There must be something ahead of you that isn’t so unnoticed and ordinary.

There has to be a version of you that you can see from closer than the distance.

You cry out: “O God, there has to be more than this old knitted sweater I put on every day. For goodness sake, in the latest-appearing world, there has to be a little post-it note appended somewhere with a little arrow that says sprightly in a good place: ‘Wow, Kilroy, you are here!’”

Otherwise, you are left wondering what is your due. You are certain this isn’t the question you are meant to ask. Nor is it right for you to ask Me: “How much longer, dear God, until I am freed from this life sentence?”

You must be missing an important question.

You may well feel that your question is meant to be:

“Dear God, what can I do for You now? Only, I don’t feel up to the task, God. I am so stretched as it is.”

Then, I, God, suggest that you bless yourself in My Name. Just this. Bless yourself. Start telling yourself to go easier on yourself. It isn’t that Heaven can wait. Not at all, but that you can sit more comfortably while you wait for Heaven. Sit down and rest your feet awhile. You are in good hands. Don’t you know you can let go for today? You have exceeded more than your quota for today. You are not in arrears.

As in Godwriting, you don’t bind yourself to spectacular Godwriting. In fact, you must free yourself from the idea of coming up with jim-dandy Godwriting. As in life, you aren’t required to live a spectacular life. A seemingly ordinary life is just fine. If your life were a novel, no one tells you that it must be a bestseller. I don’t. That you are writing your book – this is great. Be content. It’s okay to tread water now and then.