The Cards of Life

God said:

Along with your long list of wonderful gifts you long for, add this one: Add that you grow to be humble and that you stay firmly so. You are not asking to be more humble than anyone else. You are not even admiring being humble.

When you are humble, you are basic. You appreciate what you are granted. You also are not outraged at what you see as Life not having granted you all your desires to date. You know that you are deserving. You know this as you know how to take breaths without counting or ordering yourself to take them. The ability to breathe without thinking about it is ordained. It is already yours, so no need to pant for it.

Humble, you don't get high and mighty. You are not perturbed. Humble, you take Life as it comes. You don't feel that Life must do this or that. You do not feel overlooked or misbegotten.

What you do is to take Life without affront. What a great talent you have when you do not take affront. When you do not take affront, you put the Cards of Life, as they are dealt to you, in their place. You do not harbor them in front of you. You do not take them amiss. Your feathers are not ruffled.

It may well be that you desire good for yourself and good for others. Good for all actually. That you deserve all is a given. If anyone deserves good, you know you do. Now, humbly, you know it is on its way.

When you are humble, what you gain is equanimity. Desire equanimity. Desire peace for yourself and give it to the Universe and all the throng.

When you are humble, you know Who you are, and you know Who It Is that you are One with. When you are humble, you do not swallow your pride. Rather you know that you are, shall We say, One in a million? Or rather, One with God. When you are humble, you have no need for outcry. You have no need to complain. No matter what, you relax into the Pure Knowledge that you are One with Me. What then is there for you to stamp your foot about?

When you come from an Evenness called Humility and do not depart from it, you know without question that you are equal to Me. You do not require that your worth be proven. Your worth is not in question.

You do not require accolades any more than you require being set apart. And so you do not set yourself apart. You do not declare: "Foul play." You have no need to, no reason to. Such an idea doesn't even occur to you.

Despite whatever the world at large might say, you know in advance that you are worth God's Gold.

With or without rubies and diamonds, you already know your worth. You don't outrun anyone. Knowing Who you are, you do not require that homage be paid you. You do not, in effect, bully Life into subjection. You don't put your attention on chalking up acknowledgment and respect in the world. You know you already have all of My Regard. You don't look for anyone to bow down to you, for you don't need them to, and you certainly don't look for them to have to admire you.

Others may miss the Point of Life. You have your attention squarely upon the Point of Life as you see it. This is what you say to Me:

"Thank You, God, for having me here with You by Your side. I know it's no big deal. I know this is customary for You, and customary for me. How I appreciate You, God, standing here before Me so I may follow You in harmony. I welcome the opportunity. Yes, God, thank You for all Your Blessings."

This is humility in action.