The Candy Store

God said:

Do you see that when you travel, you lose some of your attachment to your identity and all the beautiful things you associate with your identity? When you are immersed in one place, every detail becomes precious to you. Now this is as it should be. Yes, adore every precious detail! And, yet, at the same time as you adore, know that all this is décor and it has nothing to do with your identity. Your true identity goes with you wherever you go and wherever you may be. You become detached from your outward identity. Your outward identity is a change in clothing, that’s all.

If you are a chef, at work you wear a chef’s hat. The hat doesn’t make you more nor less a chef except for how you decide to perceive yourself with it on. If, when you put on a chef’s hat, you put your shoulders back and become the chef, it is a technique you employ. The chef’s hat doesn’t change you except as it makes you feel. You make yourself feel. You can feel the same without the hat. The important thing is to feel good about yourself whatever you wear, regardless of what the world notices, regardless of what you have heard all your life.

All the trappings of the world are meant for you to enjoy, but you are not meant to be entrapped by them. Props are only props. Just scenery, and scenery is movable.

Every day you move through the world. Whether you are by foot, by train or plane, you are you. In an airport where no one knows you, you are still Beloved of God. You do not need a certain chair, or even people who know you. When you are in your home town, you see recognition of yourself as each person reflects you and reminds you that you exist. And, yet, you exist whether someone recognizes you or not and no matter what they make or do not make of it. You are a spinning top, and the world is too. You spin on a spinner. In spinning, you are still. And in stillness, you spin.

In life you are in a candy store. Oh, My, all the delicious candies. You live in the candy store, beloveds. Think of all the deliciousness that is imported and exported. You are more than you accept wherever you stand. In effect, wherever you stand, you stand in mid-air. There is no ground under your feet. There is you, sublime. There is you, mirth in My heart. There is you, juxtaposed in front of yourself, yet you exist, and you are sublime whether you notice it or not. You spin sublimely.

If you knew the wealth of love that you are, you would become a somersaulting acrobat of joy. You would leap and catch the stars and do tumbling acts on them. You would take a handful of love from your heart and cast it before you. Your love would be like glistening stars, and it would sound like the most beautiful music ever heard on Earth. All the love you cast would alight everywhere, and it would alight on you. You would know only light and music. You would be under a spell of love. You would be enchanted with love, no longer disenchanted.

Your whole life would be a love letter from God. There would be no postage due. Your life would travel from one heart to another, and hearts would be like kites high in the sky, blown everywhere.