The Candy Machine

God said:

If My heart could ache, it would ache for you. My heart cannot ache because I hold no misunderstanding. I Who Am Everywhere and Have Been Everywhere release all.

When I made Creation, I set the wheels in motion, and I let it go. When I made you, I gave you everything, and I let you go. I let go of you. How to say this? I held you to Me. I have never let you go from My awareness, but I let go of My grasp on you, the same way you might let your child go to the candy machine by himself, and you casually watch and wait nearby. You don't hover exactly. You appear impartial, and yet your eyes never wander from your child. You may seem to look around, but your eyes are on the child. You are watchful of his every move and his every thought, and you wait silently by.

You let the child figure out which candy bar he wants, and you let him press the lever that gives him the one his finger chooses. Even if he were lured by a colorful wrapper or a famous name, even if he didn't realize what he was choosing, you let him choose. Even if he cries because the candy machine was out of the one he really wanted, even if he realizes afterward that he made a mistake, you stand by and let him discover life and candy-machines on his own. And yet you are nearby.

Sooner or later the child's attention will leave the candy-machine and return to you. He will take the hand you have proffered, and you will skip off together, hand in hand, heart in heart, joy in joy. For a miniscule moment, your child, focused on the candy-machine forgot about you. But then, when he was finished, all he had to do was turn around and look up, and there you were, smiling at him.

In the case where I am the Father, and the candy machine is life as it appears before you, don't think that I am always giving you lessons. You are always learning, and I allow you to learn, but I do not throw tests before you. I do not require that you choose one candy bar over another. I let you choose. I do not berate you if you make a mistake and chose the same candy bar that always disappointed you. I do not berate you.

And yet I can say that life is a True and False test. And yet, it is not always so simple. And it is not Truth or Consequences, because when you choose Truth, you choose it, not for what it gives you or spares you from, but from the joy of it. Truth is what you want, and it is available.

If life on earth as you know it is a maze, it is a maze that you can find your way through. A maze is made of mirrors that beguile you. But no matter how many mirrors and how they seemingly lead you astray, you are somewhere, and you are not far from where you entered and the way out.

If life is a maze, it is the one you entered. And if life is a maze, you can still have fun in the maze.

And so you understand that We are talking about Free Will. Free Will is a gift you chose and which I gave to you in love. Accept that it is fine for you to make choices and to make the ones you want. Do not feel you suffer consequences. Never mind so much about consequences or rewards. Do not count wins or losses. Enjoy being at the candy machine. I am nearby, and I wait for you to skip back to Me.