Terms of Use Agreement

Heavenletter Best Practices and Terms of Use

To make sure the energy on this Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum stays high, I agree to the following:

1. Naturally, I will be polite and respectful to all concerned.

2. I understand that God is the Knower here. God is the Teacher. I am here to learn and grow and share. I remain humble and refrain from instructing or preaching to other readers.

"If you wish to teach others, then love them and don't teach them anything. Love will take over. It is the only teaching that amounts to anything. Do not hold yourself up as a teacher. Beloveds, I am the Teacher. I teach love. Love is the only teacher. Serve love, and you will inspire the world."
Heavenletter #4093 Your Nearest Neighbour

3. I do not discuss religion or politics or any such issues here because we are for Oneness, not divisiveness.

4. As part of one family under God, I respect the religious choices of my brothers and sisters and refrain from commenting on any religion, beliefs, or Holy Texts. We are not here to educate anyone or change anyone’s mind about anything.

5. I refrain from commenting on politics, esoteric subjects, dream interpretation, disputes, tales of mistreatment, gory stories, sex, profanity, and in-depth descriptions of illness or problems. When in doubt, I won’t.

6, I include my website only in my profile page.

7. I allow the people who come to this forum to be free of references to other sites or products or services, advertising, etc. regardless of how worthy the products, services, advertising, or quotations may be.

8. I appreciate this site and the people who put their hearts and souls into it. I am a guest here. I appreciate being invited.

9. I gladly agree to these terms of use. Thank you.

Thank YOU and welcome!