Take Heart

God said:

You tend to see problems because you believe that life has to follow a script in your mind. The distance between what you desire, or believe in, and what occurs — that distance is what you address as problem. You already know that problems are relative. To the one whose hair color doesn't come out right, that's a problem. But the same one also knows the depth of difference between that and the illness or death of a dear one.

But even the death of a dear one is not a problem except as you would not allow it to happen. But who on Earth, beloveds, knows what is problem and what is blessing? Why must anyone know anything with certainty? Not knowing allows for great opportunity and great discovery. Not knowing where a relative choice will lead is the energy of Earth life. It is the innocence of it. It is the deliciousness of it.

You may think life would be more wonderful if you knew the ultimate choice to make every time and knew all the outcomes in life in advance. But, tell Me, dear children, where then would the zest be? You might complain of the boredom, and you still might not favor that which was somehow given as the ultimate choice.

There are many choices, and there can always be second thoughts. Be glad for choices because they exercise your free will.

Believe Me when I say you can walk the earth in one stride.

Believe Me when I say the sun rises and the sun sets in fealty to you.

Believe Me when I say the moon and the stars call your name.

Believe Me when I say the winds blow for you, and that there is great good in everything, even in what is not the beauty and peace you may desire.

Please consider even the dire and disastrous-seeming in life as a step you have gone up. Certainly you are not on the same rung as you were before.

You may have no say over floods and the locusts, but you do have say how you meet them and what you say about them. Even floods and locusts give you a chance to start over, whether it is on the Earth realm or another.

Perceived lack of health and wealth are two mass problems, but, then, of course, you believe in judgment. You see floods, locusts, illness, poverty as punishment cast upon you or another. Perhaps, instead, you would consider them as avenues.

Health and wealth, the same as illness and poverty, are avenues you walk on. They are the road you happen to travel on now and then. Nothing is fixed in the relative life. How well you travel and how well you serve your little spin on Earth — that is the story.

Take heart whatever your situation is.

Whatever your situation, you can be kind. Whatever your circumstances, you can know love. No matter how much money you have, you can be needy. No matter how poor, you can be wealthy. No matter what your health, you can heal yourself and others.

You do not have a clue as to what your presence on Earth is serving, nor all the dimensions that you serve. In any case, accept that you serve Me in all things. And accept that I am in service to you.