Surviving Astonishment

God said:

Beloved, We are so strongly attracted to Oneness because of the truth of One’s Beingness that thou and I represent. I do My utmost to assure you of this amazing Oneness that exists. Be assured that you and I singularly and definitively exist as One beautiful Oneness.

There are no two of Us. Never was. Twoness does not exist. Oneness alone exists. One Heart is not the same as two hearts drawn together. Be One Heart that recognizes Its One Self so dearly. No One is to pull the One Heart of Oneness apart.

How amazing this Oneness Is. It is phenomenal. It is worth writing home about. Oneness is worth everything, and Oneness, once and for all, is all there is. Oneness exists as the whole kit and kaboodle. There is nothing more wonderful than Oneness – no indeed.

All the world’s treasures and money in the King’s Treasury cannot light a candle to Oneness. Absolutely, there is nothing so grand as Oneness. Please accept Oneness as the existential truth in the world.

Recognize, once and for all, that you exist as Oneness the same as I do – more Oneness than you may have yet begun to see. Let’s absorb more about this Oneness from the bottom of My One Mingling Heart that stands above the erstwhile crowd. Let’s accept this mutual Oneness Blessing.

Happy Day for you and Me, Beautiful Oneness! There is nothing else. Oneness Is, and nothing else is. There is no multitudinous except as thoughts that have not yet blossomed into truth. You may figure out much that leaves the truth of you running in the dark. Yes, you would like what I say to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth, yet the truth may leave you lagging in the dust, as if this truth could not be the real thing. It may seem too impossible for you to accept. It may well be easier for you to disbelieve in what I say than it is for you to believe in the truth with all your heart. Oh, yes, you would like to believe. How you would love to believe all there is. You would be delighted to believe this, and yet you don't quite.

Tell Me, please, why would I bother going around saying Oneness, Oneness, Oneness if this were not the God’s Honest Truth? I do not play a joke on you. I do not speak just to hear Myself speak. I am not, absolutely not, any kind of big talker. I am the most truthful and sincere there is in the whole world and within the total height and depth and breadth of innocent Heaven. One good deed leads to another. You don’t need to expect less than what I say. In respect to Me, expect more. How about now? Yet not to have to have.

If you want to take a chance on the course of your life, I am telling you now as simply as I can how you can change the course of your life around in this very instant as you live and breathe. Own up to it, Beloved. There is Oneness, and you and I exist as the whole as you live and breathe. Oneness exists right now. Give up any suspicion you may have about the true state of affairs on Earth.

What does it mean that you and I are the truth of Oneness and nothing but the truth so help you God, and Oneness is said and done? What can this hullabaloo be about? This is astonishing to you, yet you are well capable of surmounting astonishment!

Behold, today, happiness is right before Our – My – One – pair of eyes!