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Spreading God's Love

Heaven Letters
From God's Heart
And now there's Love Notes too

A wondrous way
For you to share
The Love that's felt by you

Take a look
Pick and choose
One's that touch your Soul

Feel the Love
Then share it now
God's radiance to extol

Every card
That you send out
Doth trail great rays of Light

That reaches far
And reaches wide
To birth new dawn from night

So come on now
Send to your friends
God's love notes from His heart

And as you do
You spread His Love
And you then play your part

Where e'er they go
Where e'er they land
They're planting seeds of Light

That slowly grow
In love and joy
To wondrous blossoms bright

And as they fly
On wings of Love
To touch another's heart

They'll feel the Love
And share it too
An avalanche we will start

As it flows
It gathers strength
Growing gaining power

The Power of Love
That's mighty strong
The world with Love we'll shower