A Little Longer Story

How did it happen that I started to hear and write down what God said?

My first answer is that I don’t really know.

My second answer is that it came from every thread of my life.

And the third answer is that it doesn't matter. What God says matters!

But I do know this: Heaven Letters didn’t come from a flash of lightening. It was not an enormous event.

In loneliness and wanting and wondering and doubting and ignorance, I asked my human questions, and answers came, and the Answerer said Yes, He was God.

But how could these words my pen wrote be His? I knew they weren’t mine, but how could God’s words come to me? Oh, how I wanted confirmation.

So innocently, to anyone who asked me what I was doing those days, I said: "Oh, I'm writing down God's words now in a notebook and --"

Rather than confirmation, I got funny looks and worse. I kept Heaven to myself for a year until I cared less about what others thought and more of what God had to say.

He said Heaven had to be extended, and I had to extend it. So bravely I emailed daily Heavens to a friend or two, and then there were eight. And then there were sixteen. And then readers became subscribers, and then sixteen became sixty and so on, and an interactive newsletter arose.

And readers wanted to ask their personal questions directly of God too. Questions like:

How do I find love and how do I know when it is real?

How do I deal with the death of my child?

What is Heaven like?

How do I reconcile the world as it is with the Divine?

How can I make a living without struggling?

How do I let go of the past?

What is the meaning of life?

Heaven unfolded over time through interaction between God and me, as I wrote down His words, and between God and the pioneer readers as they asked their questions and received God’s answers. And so our perceptions changed.

As God listened to us, it became a possibility that He did indeed love us, as is, each one of us personally as well as collectively. This intangible possibility grew to be our experience. We might doubt ourselves again and again, but the practicality of God as an intimate Companion of our hearts continued to gain ground. Little by little, our little acceptance that God knew us and that we knew God grew into the beginnings of faith.

God responded to more than our questions. He gave more than our questions asked. He gave more than answers. He spoke to our hearts. No matter what the question was, or who asked it, God spoke to each and every one of us. We found out we were all the same. In that sense, we could grasp that we were all One with God.

All the while, God listened to us and our confusion and our fears, and He answered.

And then, after two years of publication, God wanted Heaven Letters to go higher. He wanted it published without our personal agendas. We could still ask our questions of Him but separately from the published Heaven. He was going to raise us up to Him, rather than bend down to us. We were to get out of the way. Now we were to listen to Him. We were to follow His lead. And so He would charm our lives, and change them, for through His words, we began to learn how to live life on earth as He intended.

The evolution of Heaven has played its part for you. God readied the early readers in stages, but He prepared you without your knowing it. You can pick up God’s love and wisdom now as it is placed before you. You can skip the steps. This is your entrance. You who are reading Heaven are meant to read it. It is for you. God gave it to you. Heaven is more than words. It is God’s Light upon you.

And so the early readers of Heaven paved the way for you, and with God’s blessings, you enter Heaven now. This is where you come in. And so you pave the way for those who follow you.