God said:

The simplicity of honesty. Nature is honest. There is no denial in nature. It is what it is. There is no dissembling. An elm doesn't try to be an oak. Cold doesn't pretend it isn't. Nature accepts its breezes and its gales, and it loves whatever it is and whatever it is doing. Nature gives full expression to itself. It expresses Me.

And you are part of nature. You may try to be something else, but you are nature and you are an expression of it. That means you are an expression of Me.

You, perhaps, have been hiding yourself or you have been trying to be noticed. Nature does not hide, nor does it call attention to itself. It is just itself. Nature is being. You are being.

Nature does not blow itself up. It doesn't deflate itself either. Nature isn't thinking about how it looks or what will be thought of it. Nature's attention is on Me and its expression of Me. Therefore, nature expresses itself.

Nature doesn't try to fit in with expectations. It doesn't try to please you. Nature doesn't inhibit himself. Nature knows not of inhibiting. Nature knows of expressing.

Winter doesn't try to pass itself off as summer. Summer doesn't try to be winter. A red flower doesn't try to be pink or white or yellow. A red flower flowers in its redness. We cannot call it pride but we can call it identity and truth. We can call it more than acceptance. It has no need to accept because it is simply being what it is. It knows no other way. There is no debate about it. No decision is made. A flower flowers, and that's it. It drops its bloom to collect itself for another season.

Nature knows freedom. It has the freedom to be itself.

Yet do not think that nature is selfish. It plays its part. It interacts. It doesn't go ahead of itself. It comes to the fore when it is its turn to come to the fore. It doesn't wait idly on the sidelines either. It is marshalling its strength. It gets ready by absorbing its truth. Nature incepting itself is no less than when it blooms. There is no dissatisfaction in nature. The tide rising and the tide ebbing have equal happiness. The tide coming in and the tide going out have equal joy. They reveal themselves. They reveal themselves. They show themselves to Me. The move for Me, and they stay still for Me.

But staying still is always readiness. Staying still is just the moment before an action. It is a coherence. And an action is after the readiness and just before it returns to rest in its readiness again.

Nature is not self-conscious. It has no embarrassment. Nature is too aware of Me to be paying attention to itself. Expressing is not paying attention. Expressing is being.

Nature does not say, "I am blooming now." It blooms. Nature doesn't say, "Look at me." And yet you cannot help looking at nature because it is so true to itself and to Me. And the natural in life attracts you because you are the same. You are so intimate with nature. It knows you well. And you know its companionship.

You are a fair flower on earth.

Grow there. Grow to Me. Look up. Reach the Sun. Roll with nature. Be pink-cheeked. Brighten your eyes. Close them at night. Act and rest. Sleep and wake. Which comes first? How can you know? They come together. One is not without the other.

But I never sleep. And yet I am with you while you sleep. And I am awake with you as you wake. I am happy to be with the fullness of you. I swim with joy in the pleasure I take in you, for Mine is the nature of you. You are My nature. I am yours.