Shadow and Light

God said:

Light weighs nothing, and how far it reaches. It reaches around corners. Light makes shadows show. Light makes clear. A shadow is simply a reflection of light interrupted. You find shadows heavy, and yet they are only a tinge of lessened light. You make them larger than they are.

Fear is the biggest shadow you know. It hovers around you. Wherever you turn, you see fear in the shadows. But please know that without love, you would not imagine fear. Love is the light, and when it is lessened, your heart knows it, and allows fear to enter. But in truth, there is no lessening of light. That is a misperception.

A shadow is a shadow. It is not the real thing. The only real thing is light. And it cannot be absent. It can be covered but that's all, nothing more.

Shadows come, and shadows pass, but light is constant.

Love cannot be darkened. Shades can be pulled, but love is not darkened. Just removed from view. Love is there all the same.

So you must see through shades and shadows. They are murky, no doubt about it. Shades and shadows use stealth. Step outside the shades and shadows, and the bright light is there. Do not stay in the shadows. Come on out and play in the Sun.

You have choices. One big one is to stay in the dark or venture out into the light. Dark can be comforting in its familiarity. Maybe you even find dark and its incumbent danger thrilling, but without imagined darkness and belief in it, danger cannot follow. But, of course, you do believe in danger. You feel surrounded by it. One false step, and it will get you, you're sure.

Then you must see beyond the shadows. You must see shadows for what they are.

Believe Me when I tell you that you are My immortal being. Not one millisecond of your being can be touched. Believe in the sanctity of your being more than in the sanctity of your body. Honor your infinity more.

When you see only what is directly in front of you, your choices are few. But when you can see further down the road, much opens up and you find glorious choices before you.

Perhaps in the candy store window, only a few stale items are displayed. But enter the store, and behind the counter lie candies after candies, sweets unimagined, still warm, still melting with their deliciousness. But when you stay outside, you do not even consider the choices that await you because you have not entered the store. It is no sacrifice to enter and go for more.

The first thing in view may not be the most glorious, but you may settle for it. Indeed, you have settled.

You have made many bargains with life, but true life is not a bargained-for sale or trade. True life is yours to choose, not in exchange for something, but simply for itself. Do not shortchange yourself.

What is at hand may be an illusion. It may be sleight of hand. You have gone to carnivals and been snookered. You know what it is. You have been fooled before by illusionists. But it is always you who fools yourself.

Do not be fooled by the temporary. You extend far beyond the temporary. You are what eternity is made of. You might as well know what you are worth and what you are worth to Me. I do not make too much of you; I simply see you in your true light. You do not make enough of yourself. I am teaching you to see yourself more clearly, and from your awareness of light, great choices are made.