Set Yourself Free from Ownership

God said:

Beloved, I hear you boldly ask:

“Dear God, am I estranged from You after all this? Do I estrange myself from You? Are We Oneness, or is there distance between Us after all? If there is distance, do I impose it? I would not hold myself back from entitlement with You, yet these days I feel somewhat exiled from Oneness.

“Am I reluctant? Do I hold myself back from free access to You, God? Do I, dear God? If this is the true case, bring me back closer to the fold where I long with all my heart to be.”

I, God, say: My Dear One, Oneness cannot be out of the fold. We are not less engaged. Our Oneness cannot grow less strong. You may like to feel more separated from Me than ever before, because the more at odds with Me you feel, the more talkative with Me you also feel and all the more involved with Me, shall We say?

You adore knowing Me closely somewhat at a distance. Perhaps through a sense of abrading Oneness, the easier it is for you to sort Oneness out or something like that. The less intimate you feel, the more you can tell Us apart. Beloved, you have been long sold out to two-ness so you may experience Oneness on the side.

Never, ever do I put you aside. I am the embodiment of your life. Your life is installed in Mine.

You are close to Me. We cannot be said to be less than engaged. We are more One if, in truth, We can never be less than One. We are infallibly One.

You adore entanglement, shall We say? You may adore a sense of abrasiveness.

Oneness is forever true. Error isn’t truth. Oneness is truth, and that’s it. Oneness doesn’t change. Oneness isn’t a form. Or, if Oneness can be said to be a form, it is the One and Only Form and not to be departed from.

Beloved, you may ask: “Dear God, do you mean I like the status of knowing You somewhat at a distance?”

Yes, you may feel stolen by Me, whereas, you give yourself away to the world as grist for the mill. Give yourself away to Me left and right. Share yourself with others, yet not abandon yourself to others. Let others go. This means to let them be free. Hold on tightly to no one. Expect not quite so much from others. Set yourself free. Be enchained to no one. Love, yet not be dependent upon being loved. Love isn’t being attached. Set the birds of wonder free.

There is nothing superb in feeling Oneness doubled. Oneness is wondrance. Oneness and its love are the greatest thing that is known in Heaven and on Earth. Earthbound isn’t more than Oneness. Earthbound is a diversion that can be taken as a diversion. Illusions are not to be believed in or worshiped.

To believe in Me and nothing separate from Me is recognizing Oneness in all its glory.

In the world, you have become attached to multiplicity. Enjoy multiplicity as the illusion it is. Oh, yes, of course, you have enjoyed playfulness very well. You once knew “patty-cakes” very well. You can even play “patty-cakes” once again for old times’ sake.

"Patty-cakes Patty-cakes, Baker Man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can!"

Patty-cakes create themselves at play in Oneness. Continue joy, yet patty-cakes are no longer the highlight of your life. Patty-cakes served well. Under certain circumstances, the physical observance can serve again. Try it. You might feel some of the same essence again.