God said:

You design yourself. A design is a picture of a plan. Too often you design yourself without access to all that you desire. You may think you have started out in life without certain materials, and, therefore, your design of your yourself is limited.

If you were an architect designing a house, you would know of all the materials available. If not in hand, they would be in mind.

As an architect, you would put anything you choose in your blueprints — a fireplace, skylights, all the doors and windows you like. You would not stint yourself.

Now, an architect might be drawing plans for a third party and have to accommodate their requirements. But, in your blueprint of yourself, you are bound to nothing outside you. You have every possibility available to you. It is your drawing, and no man has the say of it.

Yet, in life, you daily restrict your picture of yourself. You say you can't do this and that, you can't have this and that, you tell yourself you can't be all you want to be, and so you constrict the development of yourself.

You give yourself a model that is a cast-off from what you are capable of — because you drew a picture too small and too confined.

You are capable of greatness. Where have you put that in your design?

You have squelched yourself at every turn. You have said No when you could be saying Yes. You have said Never when you could have been saying Always. You have negated your power, turned it off, as if you were a summer cabin that wouldn't be used in winter, or at all.

All the while, you are a palace made of gold. You are made of My gold.

When did you start thinking you were made of tin. If tin you think you are, tin you will appear.

Now that it is established that you are gold, what possible reason do you have to lag?

You are not only gold, you are malleable gold. Mold yourself. Your ideas are your model. Scratch your previous thoughts. Make your thoughts golden. Conceive yourself.

When you leave your room today, you are not a greater concept than you entered with.

Now you are far vaster because now you have conceded the possibility that you are vaster.

Keep expanding your grasp of yourself. No boundaries means no boundaries. Never mind what the world says. The world would keep you small. Do not let any man make a cast of you. His vision is blurred. Let yours be clear. Illuminate your dreams. Your dreams.

You are My beloved child. Do Me honor. Do Me the honor of raising yourself to your full height.

Make your blueprint and then exceed it. What are you waiting for? Do you need someone's permission to be great? Do you need to be invited?

Well, then, I invite you to herald your greatness. I gave it to you long ago. I gave it to you, not for you to hold, but so you could use it to express Me.

Propel yourself forward. Stride across the universe. Reach for the stars, and you will attain them. You will attain yourself.

I call to you. You are My calling. You are executor of My Will. You hold a holy office. I gave you My scepter for you to use. Hold it high. Bless the world with your being.