seeking God

Whoever Knocks on Your Door

God said:

Whoever comes to you, whoever asks something of you, whoever knocks on your door, whoever calls you on the phone, whoever bumps into you at the store, they are seeking Me. All who come to you will be making excuses about why they do, but they come before you in their desire to find Me. They are looking for Me through you. They hope above hope that somehow you will purvey Me to them.

Why not? Why not give everyone a sample of Me? What do you think a smile is? A kind word? A caring? You are handing a glimpse of Me to another. You deliver Me to another, not them to Me.

A Vagabond of God's Heart

God said:

Whether you seek Me consciously or not, I seek you. It is like I am panning for gold. In My search for the loveliness of your soul, I never get tense or edgy as you may do while panning for gold, for I know exactly where the gold is, and I know with the confidence borne of God that I will find it and claim it for My Own. This is not selfishness on My part.


God said:

You are all Moses in the bulrushes. You floated down a river, and rightful strangers took you in and made you their own. But you do not feel that you quite belong in this strange country with these strange people.

You would go back upstream to find your origin, if only you knew how. Sometimes you feel that it is a mistake altogether that you are on earth, and you want to go back where you started. You feel adrift. In that sense, We can say that all of My children are adopted.

Are You Seeking?

God said:

I cast no spells. You may be waiting for something entirely different from what you presently experience, but I have told you not to look for experiences. Experiences are incidental. I am paramount. Seek to know Me more than a radical difference in you.

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