Seek More

God said:

You are sentimental, but I am not. Sentiment is too small. Memories are filled with sentiment. Go beyond memories and sentiment. There is a larger field for you to roam in.

Wishes, which do not see far enough, are too short and come from sentiment also. Sentiment is a kind of longing, a longing you try to fill by popping a memory or a meager wish into your mouth. Memories are not long. They may go far back, but they are not long.

No need to hold on to your memories. Your memories are not love. They are remembered pictures that conjure up feelings. The feelings may be sweet, but it is not sweet to long for the past. It is idleness; the past and its feelings cannot return. Only ghosts of the past can appear; you know you cannot recapture. You are left bereft, and you feel sad. You cannot stay in the same place. You must walk on.

Let memories and sentiments go. Your mind and heart belong on greater than those.

Wishing is made of idle dreams as well. You wish for a sensation. You wish for something ahead of you to bring something to you. Wishes are ghosts as well, just focused on a different screen.

But there is real life before you. There are deep desires to be filled, and there are deep truths for you to discover. Let go of the past, and you will make new discoveries.

The past weighs you down. The past is made of thoughts when you were a hero or were loved or did love, but love cannot stay in the past. Love has to move. Be glad you had moments worth remembering, and let them go, because what is ahead of you is greater. And as soon as you reach that new banner, leave it, and race to the next one. Do not hurry, but race just the same. You race to the present. Drop the past, drop the future, and you are in the present. The present is the stronghold of your life. It is where your treasures lie.

I have recruited you to the present. The present is where you line up and are rewarded. The present is where you give rewards as well.

How happy you are when you let go of the past and of the future! When you have one foot behind and another ahead and are not where you are, where does that leave you?

Enter the land of the present. When you stay in one place on pavement, your feet may stick to the tar. When you jump ahead, your feet may stick even more. The present is secure. Past and future are not. They are naught. They do not even exist.

Only you and I exist, and We exist in this moment. This moment has become a bandied term, but it is the now of Us. It is Our embrace. It is Our enfoldment and unfoldment. In this moment are We. We do not have to hold on to it because there is always more of you and of Me, and Our Oneness of Being.

You can only be with Me. In our being We have permanence. Permanence is what you seek. Permanence is not staying the same on earth.

The permanence you seek is infinity, and infinity is the path you walk on. It has a firmness beyond the world's firmness. It has a stability that is God-made. What you consider solid is not. It is only illusion.

Come to the reality of Our Oneness which exists in this preciousness between Us, and it is here right now for you. I am here. I am here. And you are here. This sacred moment right now is infinity, and it is Ours.