See Life as Your Good Friend

God said:

What a difference a day makes! One day in Life, everything comes up roses. Another day, you may feel torn apart.

Part of you wishes Life would make up its mind, yet Life arrives as it arrives, whether you like it or not. However Life appears, you have to go along with it.

You may feel that Life isn’t rock-solid when it may be you who wavers. Yes, Life doesn’t stay the same, yet must you see Life as an affront and allow yourself to be railroaded?

Is your happiness really so dependent upon what happens around you? Turn your face to the Sun or to the rain with openness. You wonder why Life doesn’t give you a break, yet, how about you, Beloveds? How about your giving Life a break? Could you be more amenable to Life as it shows up? Is it so much how Life shows up, or is it the way you receive Life as if Life is out to get you?

There are days when you are really out of sorts. Does Life owe you a living? Must Life coddle you and toss you only gifts wrapped in ribbons of gold? More vital than ribbons of gold lie gratitude, regard, and appreciation from you even for what you call hard times. Yes, for even the experience of Life the way you may see it.

You so desire Life to bow down to you. Beloveds, lean toward the idea of taking it for granted that Life does love you and does value you and does have you in mind and heart no matter how Life appears. You don’t have to keep score. You don’t really want a tug of war with Life, so let go of the idea that Life must suit you. There is more than one wave on the Sea.

You want Life to be momentous, spectacular, out of this world. Of course, this is the actuality. Meanwhile – as another expression of time – you may see life as incomplete and inconvenient. Life can appear as you expect, or Life can be too much or too little, or just not your cup of tea. It can also be said that My Children are willful. Certainly, you would like Life to please you, even spoil the daylights out of you, why not? Naturally, you have your mind set on first-class service.

Beloveds, you do deserve first class service. You may feel you have to beg for it. You may feel you have earned it, and, Beloveds, you’re not all wrong there. You would be so happy for Life to think well of you. As it is, Life does throw you a few bones, rather, Great Surprises and Great Recognition. Accept Life as it comes even when it is hard for you.

If Life is a dance, the thing is: You may not know the steps. You trip. You fumble. Once in a while, you sail and you fly, and the sky’s the limit. There are even days when it seems that you can do no wrong. Alas, there are other days when you feel you can’t do anything right.

You hear about the Stars and how they may rule. You do wonder about Free Will. In theory, you understand Free Will, yet, too often, you don’t feel Free Will as yours. Certainly, there are times when you feel that Life is imposed upon you. There are days when you would welcome a definition of Life that you could steer by, yet that just isn’t how Life always comes. There is more to Life than how you view it, dear ones. Life is a Treasure, and this you don’t always see, yet there is Greater for you to see.