Say Something Else

God said:

Troubles of the world are only troubles of the world. That is where they exist. Rise above the world, and troubles are not. Rise above the world, and you take the world with you.

The world is a lovely thing. No matter how much you may denigrate it, you love the world. You relish it. Even when you despair, you are relishing the world.

You make demands of the world, but the world is not to be commanded. Bless the world instead. Bless every single bit of it.

As with Human beings, finding fault does not help. Pointing out all the fault in the world does not help the world. Fault has been pointed out time and time again, and with great detail. There are other things for you to focus on.

Focusing on better than fault seems like such an obvious thing to do, but as yet you have no idea of the tremendous changes this can bring, this one thing, this attention you give and where you give it.

Although you cannot command the world, you can steer it. And you steer it with your thoughts, voiced and unvoiced.

Every thought you have is like a bell that rings certain tones. Ring bells that ring high. Fault is there. There is no argument about that. You can find all the fault you want. But fault does not exist in a vacuum. And fault is not all there is. And you were not meant to be a finder of fault.

If you want to promote fault, keep pointing it out. If you want to alleviate it, put a different spin on it.

Be on the hunt for that which shows promise. You can hunt for whatever you want. Consider that perhaps you are finished with hunting fault, and now are ready to go onto larger game.

Scout the area. There is something wonderful here for you to catch. Inspiration. A hint of joy. A tinch of love.

Today consciously track ten instances worth tracking. Make a note of them. That is all you have to do.

You may think it is an ambitious project to change the world, but all it takes is the changing of what you point out.

How well you notice the weeds! Oh, you are so good at that!

Now emulate the weeds. How well they grow in any circumstance! Yes, model yourself after the weeds. Let nothing stop you. Let nothing dismay you. Weeds see beautiful flowers surrounding them. They point them out to you.

Today voice not one complaint. Not about the weather. Not about anything. Not one complaint. Perhaps you have been making mental lists of infractions, but today you will cross them out. Today you will voice only appreciation. You are meant to be an appreciator.

Want to soar above the crowd? Be an appreciator.

Want to be a leader? Lead then. Dance to a different tune. Give others something else to sing.

No matter how deeply someone is mired in the woes of the world, he is looking for a way out. Give him a hand. Raise his thoughts. What have you been doing? Commiserating?

Do not bad-mouth the world one more time. Do not cluck your tongue about the dreadfulness. Make the world more.

Today make a list of ten merits you see. Tomorrow twenty.

Be a builder of the world and a builder of men.

Skip out of the past. All complaints are of the past.