Reminders of Love

God said:

Love is a union. It is an awareness of a union that already is. You are a thread of the universe connected to every other thread. You are entwined with every single soul in Heaven or on earth. There is no way to separate you from anyone or from Me, except in your imagination.

In some ways, you have made of your life a horror show, all because you imagine disparate parts. You see shadows before you, and you do not conceive that your eye cast them there. The only shadow is your own. There is nothing else but you on the whole face of the earth.

You dreamed otherness, and you made it your mainstay. You named fantasy reality. And you were given a particular name, pulled out of a hat, as it were, further separating yourself from reality. You are not George or Sally.

I gave you a name, and the name was Love. That is a name that fits you. You vibrate to it. Today, call yourself Love, for that is the truth of you. Whatever your gender, the name Love fits you. Love is not male or female. Love is beyond any other identity than itself, yourself.

What will Love — what will My Love — do today? How will you view the world, this phantasm of your mind, and what words describing the world will utter from your mouth? When Love knows it is Love, what can Love speak but love. What song can Love sing but the song of love. What motion can you make that is not love? What diatribe can you enter into?

You will see how silent love is and how communicative it is. Love says, over and over again, We are One.

And you are One with Me, and I am One with you.

Love is no more than Oneness, and it is no less.

Love does not have to be enacted. It is. Love is your being. Being IS. This is the fact of life. All the other is not.

Turmoil is not. It is a fantasy perpetuated upon earth. Turmoil is perpetuated because it stirs up the beingness and keeps you from looking at it. This is the meaning of outer-directed. You look for the avalanche and the storm. You look for disturbance. You have looked to get your attention off of Oneness, as if Oneness were too precious to become part of your daily life, or, on the other hand, as if Oneness were not life but a deterrent to it. And all the while, the character of life is Oneness.

What deters you from your awareness of Oneness is the physical. Only the physical. Someone makes a sound you don't like, or someone isn't dressed the way you like, or doesn't smell the way you like and so on, and so you are distracted from love. If it were not for the physical, love would never be out of your awareness.

When you see a heap of derelict cars or a littered street or hovels in a back alley, sometimes you see only what seems to be ugly. And yet an artist can see beauty in the slums. Why not you?

The physical, whatever its state, can remind you of love. When you look at the stars, you begin to see Oneness. When you follow the moon, you do. When you pluck a fruit from a tree, you do.

But anything can remind you of love. So let it. Be reminded. And so you can be a reminder of love. Love is everywhere. You might as well see it.