Remember Heaven

God said:

About everything, it doesn't matter. It matters in the short haul, but in the long haul it doesn't. Everything untoward that happens is not a catastrophe. Even catastrophes are not catastrophes. They are a passing storm. They do not need to tear you apart.

It is your decision how you look at events in life.

You can take life less seriously without being cavalier.

Much suffering comes from the idea that everything must stay as it is. Even as you know it will not, you feign that it must, and then, when it doesn't, it's terrible. Life engulfs the inhabitants on Earth. It sweeps them away. The same winds that bring cleansing and joy often wipe away what you thought had to stay as it was. Nothing has to be what it was. Nothing has to be what it is. Nothing has to be anything at all but what it is. It does not have to appear to be anything you thought.

Much of your thinking has stayed the same, and so you feel abraded by life. From this day forward, let your thoughts change. Pick up other ones. Many of your thoughts are unsolicited. They are not even yours. They arrive garbled. They are whispers from the winds of yesteryear.

Steps on Earth are merely steps. They are not your foundation. Your foundation cannot be shaken for it is not dependent upon Earth events. The Earth is not the whole of life. What transpires on Earth is momentary. Soon or late, it will all wash away. Earth events are fleeting waves. The Ocean does not feel loss because waves have gone. The Ocean knows that the waves have merely returned to Itself.

Consider Earth events like foam on the water. You don't expect the foam to stay. In your mind, you give permission for foam to leave. It's all right with you. Give greater permission to the Universe. Keep nothing to you, for all that you consider monumental is as if nothing at all.

Compared to the Eternal, it is nothing. A passing thought is nothing at all. Tears are evidence of passing thoughts. Earth joy is as well. Joy and sorrow both bring tears when they are all you are thinking about.

Get off the bandwagon that considers life a tragedy. Life is really no secret to you. You know it's a passing thing. You know the body is not forever, and why do you think it ought to be? There is no moratorium on death of the physical. As a matter of fact, the body never had life. It was a marionette moved by you and your thoughts.

Creation, as you know it, is not the end-all and be-all of life. It is not vital to you. You are you with or without it. Wring life from Earth life, and know that whatever transpires, you last. You can never be erased. Earth life can. But not you, not you, not ever.

You are a visitor on Earth, a transient, a nomad. You cannot settle. It is not your home.

On Earth, you travel to one country or another. You have a passport and visa. You are let in or out. This is not surprising to you.

There is a greater voyage that requires no permit. It is called Heaven. Your admittance into Heaven does not wait for your bodily death. You frequent Heaven all the time. You go through its revolving doors easily, so easily you are often unaware. Even though you, the you of you, has never left the shores of Heaven, still you revisit it, and you forget. Again and again, you forget. It is your thoughts that are stuck on Earth, beloveds, but not you, not you.

Forget other things, and remember Heaven.