God said:

What is it that makes you dwell on imperfection, yours or another's, when love is dancing on the stage? Love tries to get your attention, yet you seem to probe around life, trying to catch it in the act of letting you down. You take a magnifying glass to yourself. From your vantage, you are never good enough any more than the world you see is.

It seems to be so easy for you to see error when error lies in a field of roses. You pass heavy sentences on yourself for not being a phenomenal person who does everything right. How do you know you're not? How do you know what is a mistake after all?

Have you not had enough of lessons? Bless yourself for all you have learned, and now get on with living life as you would like to live it. You don't want Me or anyone to always be finding fault with you, yet you nag yourself constantly. Can you not be pleased with yourself?

So what mistakes! Why are they called failures? When you drop a piece of paper, it is so simple. Simply pick it up. It is not worth a discussion in your mind. Be not so busy condemning yourself and discouraging yourself. Never call yourself a failure. You cannot fail at life.

You have survived it. You have survived it all. There is nothing you cannot survive. Let Me put it another way. There is nothing you have to get over. You will even survive this bodily life. You are an unending statement of love, for you are immortal.

Life is not a trap. And you are not a mouse that you must catch in the trap. Elude the traps the accomplished mind sets for you. Have you not been hard to please? Consider for a moment that you are meant to be easy to please. Please yourself. Will you smile at yourself kindly today and forgive yourself for all the seeming lacks that you have dwelled on and made important? You are not meant to sacrifice sense of well-being in the name of improvement.

What you have to improve is your concept of yourself. Conceive of yourself differently. You want to be Perfect Human Being, and you berate yourself because you see yourself far from it. How is it possible to know what is right and what is wrong in your execution of your life? Your feet lean heavily on the pedal of wrong. The mistakes you count as wrong are stepping-stones, if not for you, then for someone else. How do you know that you haven't arrived everywhere in the nick of time and in the proper manner? What makes you so sure that you have either missed out in life or had too much of it? What makes you think that you know anything at all?

Begin to consider yourself a wonderful being. Consider the possibility that you are. What then would it matter what you drop or what you stumble over? What does it matter, beloveds?

See where you are walking now. You are walking a path of love. You cannot go off it. You may stumble, but you are still on the path of love. Running breathlessly or stumbling over every brick, you are still on the path of love. Whether the path goes straight or winds around, it is still a path of love, and you are on it. You can't be anywhere else. Rejoice!