Reaching Heaven While You Are Still on Earth

God said:

"Beloved God, will You give me energy in abundance to serve You? Will You give me the clarity to free all my Love and Responsibility to the Universe that you have already bequeathed to all of us?

"Clear my mind. Fill me with overflowing energy. Help me to be clear. Help me to let go of my focus on needs. Let me not pay attention to the slings and arrows and errors of my Life.

"If I want love in my heart – and, oh, how I do want love in my heart instead of the chatter that goes on and on over and over again. I am tired of being meager in heart and vitality. My mind will not stay still. It races all over the place. Give me tranquility.

"I am tired of challenges. I am tired of incidents here and there. I am tired of how I react to so much of life. Help me to climb the ladder to You. Help me to reach Heaven while I am still on Earth.

"I am grateful for the Life You have given me. You have given me great happiness, and, yet, I am not happy. I feel sullen and overlooked. I do not know what would make me happy. I am disjointed. I hover over life and cannot seem to settle down. I read every word You say, God. I agree with You with everything You point out, and, yet, here I am feeling rag-tail instead of inspired and inspiring. Oh, yes, dear God, please give me strength and inspiration. Fill me and everyone with the grace to receive.

"What cure to my ailing can there be but Your Love? I do not lack Your Love. I feel sometimes how You look into My eyes and hold me. I would look into Your eyes forever, yet I find myself running down another alley before I know it. Help me to stay with You.

"My question to You, God, comes down to: 'How can I not be happy? How do I fall into a trap of dissatisfaction?'

"Dear God, please help me to remove the superfluous from my heart and mind and refill me with Your joy. Help me to uncling from the arduous past. Help me to see through Your eyes. Help me. Do major surgery on me or something so I am new or, at least, renewed. Will You do this now for me and others? Open the Gates to Heaven right now in Truth and in our awareness and acceptance. I know Your Will for us is not suffering. Give us the Strength of Your Will. Fill all hearts now with Your Majesty."

Dear Sons and Daughters, on Earth, your mind runs up hill and down hill. It is your mind and questioning that wear you out. Forget about what, why, when, how and where for a while. You ask Me to give you abundance. I have done so. It is for you to regard your abundance. Otherwise, you wrench your heart.

In Life, when you are given gifts, you thank the givers of the gifts they have given to you. Sometimes you put the gifts on display. It could be said to count your blessings. How high can you count, beloveds, you who wail about lack? Notice your abundance. Take your abundance with you. Wear the diamonds and rubies of My Love. Digest the wealth I have given you. Accept it.

Your attention may be so focused on the future that you forget all the blessings that right now surround you. You can only be blessed right now. It is not exactly that you are greedy, yet a sense of due and denial seem to laden your heart. You come from the premise that you have not been given enough.

Then the cure is for you to give more in your everyday life. Too much focus on what you must have is off-point for you. On-point for you is giving to life more than you give right now.

Start off with being grateful, and then you will refill the coffers on Earth. Open the gates to your heart. Be open to the wealth of all kinds that I am sending to you. The sun is shining. The sun shines every day. A cloud may block the sun, yet the sun is shining whether you see its light or not. It can only be illusion that the sun and moon are not shining. This is true for the stars as well.

You believe in illusion. You may have the present illusion that you, My child, are not happy because of lack. You believe thoroughly in lack and dissatisfaction. Now believe in all that you hide from yourself. Believe in the treasure-trove I give to you. Reach out for it. Open your heart and palms.

In paintings of Christ, notice that his palms are open to receive. Both of his hands are open Heavenward. The openness of Christ's hands is symbolic of Christ's heart. His heart is not an open wound. His heart is an open forthcoming blessing.

Christ's focus is on giving. He leaves his receipts to Me. As he enriches hearts, he enriches his heart. It is automatic. It is the same for you.

All treasures are yours. As you give, you unfold the treasures within you. Foremost is the treasure of giving. Your openheartedness opens the wells for you. Now the waters flow freely.