Raise Your Thoughts

God said:

How is it that life can be so wonderful at one minute and so dire at the next? What has changed, beloveds, but your perception of what’s going on? That’s seems to be all it takes for the world to rise or the world to fall, a mere switch in your perception.

Naturally, you blame it all on a switch in events, as if events are the precursor of you. You were here before the sequence of events, and you will be here after, and yet your perception switches as if you are dependent upon whatever chord is played. It has to be that you are more than a simple reflection of the world. It has to be that you exist with or without the world’s say-so. Surely, you will not let outside events forever be the determiner of you. Surely you are more than a mark on the calendar or where the planets happen to be. Who is responsible for the configuration of your mind? Who is responsible for your anger? Will you forever be at the mercy of what way the wind blows?

Created in My image, how can you not be sovereign of yourself? Must you clap your hand to your forehead with woe? Must you shed tears? Must your face grow red because someone throws a firecracker that lands at your feet? Must you be angry because of what someone else says or does or doesn’t say or doesn’t do? Who is responsible for you, beloveds, you or someone else? Who is responsible for your perception? Who perceives?

Where is it written that your perception must depend upon one other person’s perception or the perception of the whole world?

Today stand from a new height. Be above the world, not as an elitist, but as a one who is wealthy and sees from a greater vantage. If someone picks your pocket, what exactly is lost when you have unlimited access to more? You are loved by God. Really, must you have someone else’s good wishes? Whatever insult is thrown at you, it does not have to reach the tenderness of you. It does not have to reframe your position in the world.

You are the most loved Being in the world. You are My child of love, and I love you. Can that not tide you over? Can that not matter to you more than the hurts the world or someone in it would toss at you? There is a God in Heaven and on Earth who loves you, loves you just as you are. I do not love you more because you have imposed suffering upon yourself. I do not love you less when you are happy. My love is yours day and night. Have more love in your heart for yourself and for those who seem to disparage you.

Can you imagine if I took to heart every remark thrown at Me? Do not take personally any longer the perambulations of someone else’s perception. Let it be theirs. Let them think what they want. They are talking about themselves anyway. If it is their perception, it belongs to them and not to you. It has nothing to do with you. It may be pointed at you, but they are the ones throwing something. Must you catch what they throw?

I am not just giving you a pep talk. This is how it is, beloved.

When a man kills another, it is not the slain who caused him to kill. The one who kills made an irreverent decision, do you agree? Why, then, is anyone but you responsible for your thoughts? You can raise or lower your thoughts at will. Raise them now.