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"It Is Done"

What does breathing matter
If we haven't
To our considered relevant, relative standards
Anywhere special to go
Anything important to do
Anyone with whom to be?
Is Breathing
Merely something we use
To get to or where or with whom we wish to be?
Is this what it is to Be?
What's the import
Where we go
What we do
With whom we do it
What's the relevancy
If with
Our breaths
And steps
We have nary a relationship
As we act, stand, lie down or sit?
What is the exact measure
With which we measure
Whether to be in observance?
Or to take a stance?
I guess
As it's been said
It's all in the eye of the beholder
The balance or lack thereof
Between saying, making
What's important
Who's important
And the levels of celebration or degradation that take place therein
Whether or not we go with the flow and bend
Or not and break
Seemingly so
Over and over
Pretending height has some sort of below
So deep it, we, could possibly end
What is love?
What is sin?
Is there really ever a line defined
An, in the earth or heavens drawn line
Where and when some but not all, "win"?
If yes, this upholds "love" cold, that scolds
If no
This testifies
Bears witness to
Love without an end
Not being a lie
Is this all too much thought?
Is it boredom caught
In time
Until the next moment, that brings the ups, excites?
Or is it what for some, like this one, truly delights?
And which is more real
"Wasting" time pondering
Or "living" without wondering
And if it's "there's a time for everything under the sun"
Then this would perhaps lend credence to
That soothes
That Provides
Under Safety's Guarantee
That what is One
Cannot be thrust
Thrown, asunder
"It Is"
Truly and completely
As it has been said
In the most positive translation this word could mean

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2007